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2015-05-28 00:00:00MarketingEnglishPinterest Channel: Pinterest is becoming an indispensable channel for any business as it gives you a space to share infographics, charts,... Your Business Have a Pinterest Channel?

Should Your Business Have a Pinterest Channel?

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In our previous post, we shared tips on how to drive online traffic to your website through Pinterest.  If your business is visually oriented– like a retail store, a photography studio, or an eCommerce site – then using Pinterest for your business definitely makes sense.

But now, Pinterest is becoming an indispensable channel for any business as it gives you a space to share infographics, charts, step-by-step guides ora how-to checklists. When paired with an attractive image, these pins can interest people and garner attention. When an online user pins the image from your Pinterest account, the web address linked with that pin serves to draw new customers.

By using Pinterest, you could introduce your products to a potential of 5.5 million Pinterest users in India. Here are the top reasons why Pinterest can boost your Small Business’s performance:

  • Pinterest has a pulse on your target audience and will notify you of big trends

Pinterest allows you to gain an insight into the upcoming trends and buzz within your niche community. Inquiring about trends and seeing what other people are ‘pinning’ within your industry can give you valuable insights into the next big thing that your business should be getting interested in.

  • You can build your authority and expertise via Pinterest

Pinterest allows you to join relevant conversations and ground your authority. The ‘boards’ your business puts up can display how clued in and authoritative you are in your field.  This can help cultivate your position in the market as a thought leader.

  • It’s a great space to advertise

Advertising on Pinterest can be tremendously successful, for one main reason: images on the social platform link and associate directly to your business’ page. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, a post-re-directing online users to a website necessarily requires a text link, on Pinterest, simply clicking on the image can usher users right to your company’s front (digital) door.

Business accounts also have the benefit of analyzing the success of a campaign your business might be running. You can get access to Pinterest’s own analytics which gives you an overview of how you’re your pins or boards are doing, allowing you to stay on the right track and chart your future campaigns.

Finally, here are three top takeaways you should use if you’re planning to open a Pinterest account

1) Pinterest is all about breathtaking, catchy images that will inspire people to share it multiple times.

2) 80% of Pinterest users are women. So, if you want to target the female demographic, this is a great way to go.

3) Pinterest rightly puts the emphasis on sharing content as opposed to self-promotion. Pinterest enables you to engage with, have conversations and build a level of trust within the community that follows your brand making it a channel you can no longer afford to ignore.

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