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2013-10-09 00:00:00MarketingEnglishUse Twitter Vine For Your Business: Vine is being used by many large and small businesses across the world, to engage their customers. To Use Twitter Vine For Your Business?

How To Use Twitter Vine For Your Business?

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There has been quite a lot of buzz around the four-lettered word ‘Vine’.   So, what is Vine?   Vine is a mobile app that runs on smartphones.   With Vine, you can create a 6-second looping video using your iOS or Android Device.

Vine is being used by many large and small businesses across the world, to engage their customers.   If you were wondering how to engage your customer in just six seconds, here are some pointers:

How to use Vine for your business?

• Showcase your product. Highlight the product features you are most proud of – this could be design, utility or innovation.   • Show your happy customers. Ask repeat customers to share why they love your product, how and where they use it. You could also ask satisfied consumers to give your business testimonials

• Shoot a short instruction video. Instructional videos don’t have to belong or overworked, use the concise form of the Vine to highlight and show how to use new features on your product

• Share your success stories. Sometimes, small businesses shy away from self-promotion thinking it is too brash, but if done in a subtle, short way you can share your success without coming off boastful.

• Let your customers know how you work. It is important to connect with customers. Don’t let your organization become a faceless entity.

• Promote your product launch. Say goodbye to drab press releases, go digital and make the best use of this fun and trendy medium.

• Run contests by encouraging users to submit videos.

• Thank your customers. Strengthen your bond with customers, let them know you appreciate their continued patronage. Vine themselves have released a short video thanking their users –

Why to use Vine?

• It is a Creative technique that allows you to engage your customers in a very short span of time

• It will take less time and money to create when compared to a TV commercial or a normal YouTube Video

• You can use the app anytime and anywhere (Only requirements is to have an iOS or Android Smartphone with internet connectivity)

• Very user-friendly. You don’t need a pro to shoot a Vine Video

• The number of Vine users are still going strong even after the launch of Instagram’s new 15-second video feature.

How to get Vine?

• Download the Vine app from here

• Create a Vine account using your E-mail ID or Twitter Profile

• Find the people icon at the top right of your screen, to identify more people or businesses to follow

• To create a Vine video, click on the Video Camera Icon to start the process. Hold your finger on to the screen to start recording and release your finger from the screen to stop recording. Once you are done, you can share the video on Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.   As you can see, Vine offers you incredible opportunities for marketing your business.

The trick is to how well you understand the platform and use it to your advantage. Post your ‘Vine’ related queries in the comments section below.

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