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2015-12-15 00:00:00MarketingEnglishVideo Marketing Marketing Can Change Script Your Success Story

Video Marketing Can Change Script Your Success Story

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Videos are the new strategic marketing tools for any business or brand. The growing popularity of video streaming websites and the rise in the popularity of mobile platforms are adding to the tremendous surge in the relevance of video marketing.

Online video ads are generally considered viewable if half the ad’s pixels are visible for at least two seconds. Consumers love a well-made brand video and it is potentially a very advantageous tool for achieving brand success.

Where to Host Your Video?

Video streaming websites like YouTube stills tops the list for marketers. Consumers are more prone to watching longer-duration promotional videos on Facebook, where they also specifically search for the related content. Small business videos are also steadily garnering popularity on Facebook, where consumers generally opt for short promos that are promoted or might be shared by another connected user.

Promotion videos are a great way to market your business through videos on most social networking sites. The rise of the mobile platform is a big beneficiary of this sector.

Why Video?   Connect with Customers

Videos are known to connect consumers to brands emotionally. In the world of interactive marketing techniques, engaging your consumers must be your first priority. Besides creating informative and entertaining videos, I also focus particularly on sparking a conversation in the digital world. Online marketing videos are often seen creating huge brand recognition and sale value.

Learn What Customers are Thinking

Videos also enlighten you on the consumer demands. Only views should not be the Key Performance Indicator for the success of your video marketing.  This is usually achieved through conversations that are sparked by your promoted videos. The comments sections as well as consumer promotions, through sharing, are capable of guaranteeing you all the required consumer insights that will help you greatly in meeting brand gaps and boosting sales.

Improve Website Traffic Besides customer engagement, videos also improve click-through rates and website traffic. While optimizing your content for search engines, videos have a better chance of getting discovered than other regular content.

Forrester Research suggested that there is almost 53 times more chance of being featured on the first page of search engines, especially Google. Videos are known to have their own leverage values, which are particularly high.

They create more of a connection and long-lasting impact than even images. Storytelling should be your focus when it comes to marketing through online web videos. With a great story and beautiful narrative, you will be all set to become the trending topic in the digital space.

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