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2012-08-16 00:00:00Money & FinanceEnglishCost Saving Printing: In these challenging economic times as each day is more unpredictable, little things like smart printing choices. Saving Printing for Small Businesses

Cost Saving Printing for Small Businesses

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In these challenging economic times as each day is more unpredictable, little things like smart printing choices that can make a huge difference to small businesses. Businesses are increasingly looking at ways to cut costs and make the most of existing resources.

Saving on technology costs is one option that SMBs can turn to, in order to survive these difficult times. Small and medium enterprises must gauge the requirements of the organization. They need to identify what kind of office supplies they require.

Each enterprise has different needs. Identify whether color printing is needed, or whether a black and white laser printer would suffice. If faxing and scanning are also required then a multi-functional printer could help save money and space by eliminating the use of multiple machines. There are several new printing solutions that help obtain more value from investments.

These latest printing solutions immediately drive down printing costs and reduce energy use. Following are the ways by which SMBs can save on printing costs:

Responsible printing:

Businesses should encourage employees to use the modes that lead to reduction in the amount of ink used. When printing slideshows, employees should format them so that multiple slides fit on a page. “Draft” mode printing should be a default setting for all workstations.

Manufacturer’s guidelines:

To avoid printers from getting burned out, SMBs should stay below the maximum printing volume recommended by the manufacturers. If you continuous print overcapacity on a given machine, the time has come for you to replace that printer with a higher-volume one. Performing regular audits of machines in your set up will help identify overused and underused ones.

Go green: Green is the way to go and many businesses are making efforts to operate in a way that’s more environmentally friendly. The best part is that by going Green your business can also save money. Your business can develop a roadmap to reduce its impact on the environment and reap energy savings. This can be achieved by using breakthrough technologies like energy-efficient printers.

Duplex-Capable devices: SMB customers can reduce paper consumption by at least 30 percent by deploying Duplex Capable devices or setting configuration to duplex printing defaults at the network level.

Multifunctional printers: SMBs are always on the lookout for a printer that is packed with features and has affordable running costs. Printing solutions that provide easy-to-use multi-function capabilities and efficient print speeds are ideal for small businesses looking to minimize costs. Whether your business is running smoothly or taking a hit, it is always advisable to cut costs.

All SMBs are tightening their budgets to keep pace with rising prices. But the good part is that smart printing solutions are now increasingly available and a wise choice can help the small enterprise in more ways than one.

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