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2013-01-31 00:00:00Money & FinanceEnglishInvoice Creation & Management using QBO: Helps maintain accurate client information, Steam-lines Your Customer Billing, Supports Tailoring... Creation & Management using QBO

Invoice Creation & Management using QBO

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How do you track who owes you money and when their payments are due so you can get paid on time?

Does invoice tracking and management take an inordinate amount of your precious time?

Are you grappling with errors of omission or commission in the invoice creation process?

All such problems could be taken care of through automation. And who better than QuickBooks Online (QBO) to take charge of your invoice management requirements? QuickBooks, from Intuit, is the Number 1-rated small-business financial software – it makes it easy to organize your book-keeping and accounting data from one central location. Take a look at some of QuickBooks’ value-offerings:

Helps maintain accurate client information: QuickBooks Online is pre-filled with customer data and total charges are calculated automatically, saving you time and improving accuracy. It also helps you control how any activity is grouped and sub-totaled. QuickBooks populates the data, does the mathematics and generates the invoice when you need it. You will always know which customers owe you money and when their payments are due so you can get paid on time.

Steam-lines Your Customer Billing: You can also streamline customer billing by emailing invoices to your customers. If you bill the same customers each month, you can schedule automatically generated invoices to be delivered at regular intervals. And should you want to mail paper invoices, it’s easy to print them out, and they’ll look great.

Supports Tailoring of Invoices: QBO helps you tailor the invoices as per your business’s needs – You can easily change the invoice title, add custom fields, insert a custom message and even print a balance forward and account summary. What’s more, you can also customize the way sales forms look when you print them or email them to your customers. You can also decide whether to include your business logo, return stub, return address and email address, and how to position them on plain paper, letterhead, or emailed forms.

Access and Organize Invoices on the go: QuickBooks keeps your invoices and other book-keeping information in the cloud. This way, you can check the invoices anywhere, anytime. Intuit offers a 30-day free-trial of Quick Books Online in India. Should you want to try it.

click here – You could also call 1800 4195 599 to facilitate the free-trial.

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