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The All-New QuickBooks

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QuickBooks, the accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit has been revamped as an answer to the user feedback on the desired improvements. Being one of the most popular accounting software for small businesses, QuickBooks has set about to woo its users for the second time, with all new improvements. These changes have been made at many different levels and are in alignment with Intuit’s aspiration of providing the very best for its clients. Here is the list of introduced changes in the new version of QuickBooks (QBO):

1. Design

The new QBO has a more user-friendly design and a color scheme, which makes it easier on the eyes. Furthermore, these changes ensure that learning its usage is easier while working for long hours on it becomes much more convenient. Moreover, the same design and color scheme has been adopted for all Intuit provided apps and services in order to minimize the time to learn the user interface for another product that integrates with QBO.

2. Menus and Navigation

Many updates have been implemented on this front, which include:

• Primary navigation is now vertically on the left. This makes it naturally easier to steer around the software.

• The secondary navigation is on the top under various menus.

• Unnecessary hover states have been removed which does away with the problem of the menu disappearing if a mouse cursor goes over it.

• Customer , Vendor, Employee and transaction oriented workflows can be accessed via the left hand navigation

• By clicking the + on top, creating new transactions can be accessed at a single place, which saves user time. Now any transaction can be created from any page on QBO. • Company settings, lists and other areas can be accessed via the company/gear on top right. • Number of different menus have been reduced

3. Simple and Distinct browser URLs

The new QBO URLs are not only distinct but they are much smaller and allow you to know exactly on what page you are working on. It is also easier to bookmark these pages in the browser and easily navigate to exactly where you need to use them. Furthermore, you can also easily communicate to others where you are in the product based on the URL. Not only will this save time but this will also ensure an enhanced clarity overall.

4. Multi Window Behavior

Every navigation point like left menu items, top menu items and certain blue colored links on the page etc – is now a simple URL. This makes it so much more convenient as you can just right click on any of them and open in a new tab or window. In addition, in certain areas of QBO, data synchronization has been added which does away with the need to manually refresh the browser to see updated data.

5. Transaction view

After finishing creating a new transaction, now QBO returns you to the previous page, you were working on and saving you the frustration of being navigated to some other page after every new transaction. Also the save buttons for the transaction page are now always stuck to the bottom so you do not have to scroll all the way down to use them. A more button has also been added along with save button for any other additional actions that might be needed.

6. Copying a transaction

In the new QBO, users can copy most transactions by simply opening an existing transaction and clicking on the copy link to create a duplicate of that.

7. Draft state

Now data would not be lost if you navigate away to some other page. For example, if you navigate away to charge’s page while you have been filling out the details in the invoice form, then you can come back after pressing cancel or browser back button to the invoice and see your prior entered data in there. This means you can start where you left off.

8. Support for high resolution displays

Since high resolution, displays are becoming the norm, the new layout and images in the product would now scale better on such devices. Visual artifacts have been repressed and the icons now should look very crisp.

9. Performance

Since performance is always expected to improve, the new QBO has brought in quite a few changes to increase performance:

• New QBO is now a single page application, which would make it easier to navigate around the app and make the browsing experience a lot more fluid.

• The network traffic that is, data transfer over the wire has been reduced. Now the only data that goes over the wire back and forth to Intuit’s servers is the user and accounting data. This would make the new QBO usage easier and faster for people on lower bandwidth and/or higher latency connections like 3G or LTE. It would also improve the app’s responsiveness and load time for everyone.

• Scrolling, animations and a few other things have become much more fluid and reduced lag since some parts of the user interface now make use of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) via GPU accelerated compositing while also relying a lot more on CSS animations using @keyframes.

10. Removal of Popups Windows based popups have been removed on all the upgraded pages in the new QBO. This would do away with the need to close and re-open the browser, refresh multiple times or even call support by some users. The few pages in QBO that still have them; they will be upgraded soon for a 100% popup free QBO experience.

11. Tablet browser access activated The new QBO is now accessible via mobile Safari on iOS, Google Chrome on Android and IE on the surface. You only have to go to in the tablet’s browser. This is an ongoing improvement and so far, it is just the read only pages that work well as compared to the pages needing data entry.

Summary of few more changes The above were the major changes to the new QBO but few other changes like the following have also been introduced:

• The new homepage • The activity feed

• The new customer and vendor centers

• Changes to invoicing and other transactions

• Better payment integration • Invoice customization • Attachments/document manager • Online banking • Improved search functionality • Bounced email notifications • Accountant collaboration • Square integration • Online invoices

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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