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2018-04-05 20:43:27QuickBooks BlogsEnglishCustomer GST information: QuickBooks lets you view, segregate, import and export your customer and supplier details with GST information... enhances customer/supplier detail reports with GST information

QuickBooks enhances customer/supplier detail reports with GST information

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The data in your GST return reports must be organised into groups by the type of customer/supplier. Our update to QuickBooks includes improvements to customer/supplier detail reports. Now, you can use QuickBooks’ bulk import support feature to classify your list of suppliers and customers with GST-specific information, such as by GSTIN or by GST registration type.

Then: Data Classification in QuickBooks

With earlier enhancements, it was possible to get two important attributes – the GSTIN that was released in July and the GST registration type that was released in September. The latter was important for classifying the business, such as registered – composite, registered – regular, SEZ, export – deemed, etc.
The drawback: Customers were only able to catch these details on screen. A complete, detailed report – with features like bulk import and export, displaying the customer/supplier list – wasn’t released.
Last December saw the release of the bulk import support feature.

Now: Data Classification in QuickBooks

The February release introduced features and enhancements to support these important attributes. The entire section of data classification is now complete. You can access important fields of the GST Registration Type and GSTIN within the Customer List View and Supplier List view. The Export option is available on your customer/supplier view screen.

How Will This Help You?

This format helps you manage your customer/supplier information, making it easy to capture critical data.
If you have any questions related to this feature, please log on to the QuickBooks Community; ask your question, and a QuickBooks expert will answer it soon.
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