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Integrated Payroll

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Do you know the latest feature on QuickBooks India? This great add-on extends beyond pure accounting and enables great collaboration between a business owner and his employees and an accountant with his clients.

Designed to achieve greater efficiency in running businesses, this capability is a must have for anyone. Any guesses?   Welcome to cloud based integrated payroll with accounting! Welcome efficiency, welcome convenience.

QuickBooks India now has the best of accounting and payroll, all integrated in a single login with a consistent user interface and user experience. QuickBooks has entered into a strategic alliance with Paybooks to offer online payroll solutions for its customers. Click here for more details on the launch.

For any business, after accounting, payroll is a very important function. Payroll concerns the biggest asset of a company – its employees. This is usually among the biggest cost elements and involves compliance with labor and tax laws. Accurate and on time payroll reflects on how professionally the business is run. Though the quantum of salaries is the chief parameter to attract talent, great payroll and allied practices go a long way in retaining the acquired talent.

For a Chartered Accountant or financial advisor, it is becoming increasingly important to have payroll services in the portfolio of offerings. Small businesses look at getting end-to-end services from an accountant and payroll is definitely amongst the top requirements along with accounting and compliance.

With labor and tax legislations frequently updated, an accountant is in a unique position to keep his clients informed of the magnitude and importance of the changes. The new government has proposed lot of changes in the labor laws recently that are aimed at simplifying rules and regulations by introducing The Small Factories (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Services) Bill, 2014. Once passed as a law, this Bill will give a lot of exemptions for small businesses and will further fuel the burgeoning start up culture in India and will open up new opportunities for accountants.

With the fast changing legal and tech landscape in India and increasing online users (India is all set to overtake USA’s internet users as per this ET and Firstpost report), Intuit is taking the right steps to offer a truly integrated experience covering online accounting, payroll and compliance (APC).

Aimed at simplifying the running of business for a small business owner and increasing scale and efficiencies for an accountant, this integration is a great step in fulfilling the vision of being operating system behind the small businesses success.

You can signup for the integrated payroll here or contact 1800-102-5599 or If you want to learn how to get started with Payroll once you sign-up, click here

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