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2016-12-01 00:00:00QuickBooks BlogsEnglishThe new look of QuickBooks simplifies and helps you focus on the important aspects of your business. Take a look at the changes today! Has a New Look | QuickBooks

QuickBooks Has a New Look

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In December 2016, you will see your QuickBooks with a new look, when you sign in to your company account. The different, fresh site will help you in reorganizing your accounting and make it a more enjoyable experience. We have restyled our QuickBooks Online to be a smart-looking tool to help you get your accounting done quickly.       Do notice the changes such as bright colors and new fonts on the website.

The clean fonts are likely to help you read your information more easily, while the new set of colors help you scan through the important information quickly. The other changes are the following: The buttons from the top center of the page are moved to the right corner of the page.

However, none of the content or tools you use has been removed. We’ve just modernized the look a bit. From:  To:  Please notice the change in position of the ‘Plus (+)’ button:

The Search and Recent Transactions buttons from the older version have been merged into one single Search button:  The Company Name and Help text have been removed from the right-hand corner. We now have only icons for the company settings and help options:

Discuss more So how did you find the new look? Please do let us know. Add your thoughts in the comment section, or join our forum to discuss further. Report an issue or add a suggestion Leave feedback by clicking the Gear icon in QuickBooks, and then click Feedback.

This is the official way to get your ideas recorded and worked on! Get technical support If you would to be in touch, get in touch with our QuickBooks support team. Talk to us: facebook Twitter Youtube linkedin

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