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2016-09-01 00:00:00QuickBooks BlogsEnglishQuickBooks Online Release Notes: So what’s new in QuickBooks Online in August 2016? Well, many to be exact. Online Release Notes: August 2016

QuickBooks Online Release Notes: August 2016

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So what’s new in QuickBooks Online in August 2016? Well, many to be exact. Now you can have more options while sending an email from QuickBooks, a default email message for a purchase order, and more control over recurring transactions. Take a look and let us know how we are doing. We are looking forward to hearing from you to help us improve our product.

1.   CC & BCC Option While Sending Invoice through Email:

Now you can add CC & BCC address lines to add email IDs while sending invoices to the customers. Users can find the CC/BCC option while creating the invoice:  Once you click on this option, you can enter the email IDs in the CC and/or BCC sections and click Save:  Once the email IDs are entered and saved, the number of IDs entered in the CC & BCC sections will be shown:    In order to default the CC & BCC IDs, user can update them in the Company Settings >> Sales >> Messages section:

2. Purchase Order Email Messages :

From the 2016 August release onwards you will have the option to create a default email message for the purchase order. This feature is not available in earlier versions of QuickBooks. You can edit the default email message for Purchase Order in Company Settings >> Expenses >> Messages:  A new section, called Messages, has been added to add email message for Purchase Orders. The default subject line and email body can be updated for the Purchase Order email. You can also enable an option to receive an email copy of the purchase order.

3.   Skip, Copy & Pause Recurring Transactions:

This feature will allow you to have more control over the recurring transaction.

  • You will have an option to quickly duplicate the recurring transaction in one click. The duplicate option will copy everything in the recurring transaction except the name of the template.
  • Now QuickBooks users will have the option to Pause the occurrence of the recurring transaction. Once a recurrence is paused the Next Date will be changed to paused.
  • If a recurrence needs to be skipped for the next occurrence, now you can use the option of Skip next date.

4.   Schedule (III) Balance Sheet & Schedule (III) Profit & Loss Account:

From August 2016, QuickBooks will support Schedule (III) Balance Sheet and Schedule (III) Profit & Loss account {as per Government of India regulations Schedule (IV) reports are changed to Schedule (III)}. In Schedule (III), under accounts payable, three subcategories are now available. Users will have to add COA for MSME Payable and Non-MSME Payable under Accounts Payable (Creditors) account type. If you want to show amounts in these accounts in the Balance Sheet, you will have to pass a journal entry and move amount from Accounts Payable (Creditors) to these new accounts.

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