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QuickBooks Online Release Notes: July 2016

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So what’s new in QuickBooks Online in July 2016? We are looking forward to hear from you to help us improve our product.

1.  Save and Send Refund Receipts

  • You will now be able to select either a ‘Save and Close’ or ‘Save and Send’ when creating a Refund Receipt.
  • Note that Refund Receipts can also be printed. (Check the email preview).

2.  Inventory Bundles

Note: We are rolling out this feature in a phased manner. If the bundle feature is not activated in your company, please wait for it to be rolled out to your QBO file.

What is it?

  • You will be able to group items as a bundle and easily add multiple items to a transaction. For example: School Uniform Bundle = Shirt + Skirt + Belt + Shoes + Socks
  • Bundle type is now available when adding a new product/service.
  • There are no constraints on the number of items in a bundle.
  • A bundle can be given a name, SKU, and Sales Information.

What it is not?

  • Bundles are not assembly. There is no additional markup or change in price for a bundle.  Total of items = Total of Bundle
  • Bundles have no pricing or accounting value. All pricing is at the item levels.
  • There is no reporting of QOH at the bundle level. Take a look at the report below for a sales receipt created for a bundle of 3 items. The report shows item-level detail and not by the bundle.

Other information

  • You can decide if you want the components of the bundle to appear when printing or sending transactions. Components will always appear in QBO transactions in-product.
  • You can choose individual Products or Services to add to the Bundle.
  • You will be able to search for bundles by name or SKU on transactions such as invoices. When a bundle is chosen, all individual items in the bundle will be added to the transaction.
  • Once on a transaction, you can add/delete items and edit quantity or price and it will not affect the bundle.
  • Bundles have no accounting value, only items do.
  • To change display settings for Sales Forms, go to the Gear icon > Products and Services > Edit on the Bundle item you would like to change. The ‘Display bundle components when printing or sending transactions’ checkbox controls whether the bundle items appear as a group or as individual items.

Some features which were released in the previous releases:

Duplication of item

You can now create copies of existing products. Go to the Products and Services list, click the dropdown against the item in the Action column and click Duplicate.

Disconnect CSV/OFX/QFX import account

Accounts to which files have been uploaded can be disconnected in the same way live bank feed accounts are disconnected. The steps remain the same. Here’s a screenshot.

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