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The B2B World Gets More Connected with ConnectFirms

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ConnectFirms is a business networking and social selling platform where companies connect with each other, share information, and collaborate. Information sharing is easy, fast, and secure. Businesses can promote their products/services using social media tools and sell products/services using a marketplace model.

How did they get started? ConnectFirms Founder Bhagirath Andapali tells us “Our story started when we had a terrible experience in generating sales for one of our trading companies. We tried using a lot of business portals available online. The current options available in the market were merely business listing sites or business directories. These sites are a place to publish your profile and wait for your customer leads to approach you asking for your products/services.

When you subscribe to these kind business listing services for leads, you will receive a lead list that is shared with multiple companies. Once you approach these companies offering your products/services, you will end up in no sales transactions as their requirement would have already been fulfilled (as the lead is shared with multiple companies) or because of trust issues. This ultimately ends up with zero returns on your investment. In the real-world, B2B sales are more about building relationships than just selling.

The reason is that most B2B deals are fairly large and have a lot of impact on the participating companies. You cannot generate sales for your B2B business by just subscribing to the lead list on business listing sites. You have to build your own business community, promote your products/services to them every day, develop good trust, and finally, you could end up in sales transactions.”

With co-founders Mohan Moger and Srikanth Kalyan, the biggest challenge they have faced is that B2B Trading still operates in an “old fashioned world. Technology adoption is not that prevalent in the B2B trading industry.

Most of the SMEs in the market open a business account into multiple business portals and never come back again. Sales happen only when a business interacts and promotes products/services regularly to his target audience, so we are trying to keep customers engaged and be active in the application to build relationships and trust before they sell their brand.”

Their business has seen success because of their interactions with customers, a brilliant diversified team, and their vision. Telling us more about ConnectFirms’ future goals, Bhagirath says “Every business wants to grow its business network and promote its products/services to a large sector of people across the globe.

But how does a business/company know about the supply and demand of their products/services in a particular geographical location? With the help of business networking, social media promotions, marketplace features and user activity on the platform, we are trying to build an intelligent, adaptive and personalized system which generate auto recommendations and analytics for a company about supply and demand equations of their products/services, business connections in a location.

Through reports and recommendations, a company can start promoting in those geographical locations where demand is more for their product/services to get maximum ROI. Thus, ultimately maintaining supply and demand equations across the globe.”

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