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BookMyStall Makes Events Easy

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BookMyStall CEO and Founder, Maruti tells us how they got started – “Two years ago, my sister came to Hyderabad with an idea to start her own saree design shop. We found that it was really hard to find a shop. Additionally, finding customers on our own proved expensive.

Then, she attended an event to showcase her designs in our gated community. 80% of her designs were sold! And she got many pre-orders. We found that there is no channel or website to find flea markets or stalls from events. This led to the birth of an idea.”

He continues “I met BookMyStall co-founder, Prem Mohan Talluri at a Social Activity called “Ugly Indians”. The moment I proposed this idea, he left his job and joined with us.”

What Does BookMyStall Do?

Maruti explains “if a person or company registered with us, we will let them know about the events happening related to their industry. We inform them how many stalls available along with pricing details as well as connect event managers and stall buyers in a single platform across 10 cities.

It is really hard to find events and pricing in one place since 90% of the market in event management industry falls in the Unorganised Sector. By starting small, we created a ripple effect. Now we can service any brand or any company with stalls across 10 cities.”

Every Hour One Stall is Sold

Business has been good and BookMyStall has found success. Maruti tells us more, “we are an aggregation platform, so we never charge a percentage. Monthly subscriptions from event managers help us to generate revenue. Currently, 1000+ event managers are on board with BookMyStall and 8000+ stall buyers are listed with us. We are growing at a rate of 12% every month.”

“Our business model follows a multi-pronged approach, where we support event manages and stall buyers. Event managers benefit by getting stall leads and enquiries from the market. On the other hand, stall buyers will get exhibition notifications and free stall alerts.”

BookMyStall’s Future Plans

The company plans to launch a mobile app in December, offer free stalls listings for students and early stage startups to showcase their businesses and create dedicated subsidiaries who registered with various women’s clubs to support women entrepreneurship.

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