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Butter Side Up Bakes Their Way Into Customer’s Hearts

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Sarada and JP (Jayapavithra) are cousins and co-owners of butter side up. They both love eating and cooking for others, with equal ferocity. Sarada tells us how they started their Bangalore-based bakery “We both always knew we wanted to be in the food business. The question was only of when and what really. The business as it is today is a result of our passion for food and our credo of creating something special for our customers each time they come to us. We want to bake memories for people.”

The Great Bake-Off!

As self-taught bakers and entrepreneurs, the founders of Butter Side Up took the bull by the horns to make their dream a reality “We are not trained professionals. We knew nothing about running a business.

The biggest challenge was to learn everything on the go – right from perfecting baking techniques, making our own ingredients from scratch, decorating to business skills like budgeting, accounting, inventory and purchasing equipment…Everything was trial and error when we started out and it still continues to be as we scale the business. But it has been awesome so far. Our perseverance and our love for challenges in baking / cake decorating has spelt success for us.”

Their Plans For The Future…

With inputs and support from their spouses, they look to continue to evolve “Understanding the market and catering to changing needs and trends is a constant challenge too. So we have become decidedly good listeners – we listen to our clients and that helps us get a feel of the shifts in market demands. This is very important in our very niche business.”

Perseverance, the willingness to constantly unlearn and learn and the right team has also helped mould their success. With unique and customization cakes that can realise any fantasy down to the smallest detail, Butter Side Up goes the extra mile to help their customers indulge their sweet tooth.

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