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2017-02-13 00:00:00QuickBooks Business of the WeekEnglishQuickBooks celebrates Eazelly, a platform that allows artisans of India to showcase their creative and run a business easily. Curates Products Made with Love

Eazelly Curates Products Made with Love

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“My love for all things quirky began in London, a haven for all things heart-made. In a street market like Bric Lane you can score absolutely amazing, unique items. I would own one-of- a-kind pieces that really stood out. On a holiday back home in Delhi, I attended a pop-up shop.

I was blown away by quality and variety on display. Discovering these hidden gems in my own city is what inspired me to write and share!” says Eazelly founder, Sonal Gupta.

On a call with her sister-in-law, Nimrita Genomal she found a kindred spirit. “We echoed the same passion and sentiment for all things unique. As a PR consultant I am constantly interacting and working with new and upcoming entrepreneurs. Speaking with such individuals was inspiring. Their stories, personalities and maker-attitude brought to light a business opportunity. We could help them grow, scale and help them reach out to a whole new audience online” says Nimrita.

With Angad Singh Ahluwalia, Eazelly was born. Eazelly grew to be a celebration of uniqueness, individuality, and entrepreneurship.

What drives the Eazelly Brand?

Nimrita tell us “A platform like Eazelly means that homegrown makers and artisans will have all the creative freedom to innovate. They can expand their business without worrying about marketing. Artists can forget about the mundane aspects of running a business.

Hence, they can focus on doing the things they love – to create, make, innovate. There is so much talent in our country and we hope to provide the perfect platform for creativity to blossom into a successful business. Additionally, the platform is truly plug and play – the artisan doesn’t have to invest a penny to setup a shop! They can just go online, sign up, apply to open a shop, we approve within 48 hours and they can start listing and selling to a country-wide audience.”

The Journey is Not Without Its Challenges…

Sonal discusses their challenges “Our biggest challenge so far has been marketing and educating the customer about the benefits of using organic, handmade and local produce. Handmade goods tend to be more expensive than factory-produced mass market goods. In a price-sensitive economy such as India, we need major marketing efforts to change consumer behaviors.

We have realized that direct marketing and being in touch with the consumer directly is what works best. We have been participating in various events, exhibitions and pop-ups all over the country. This gives us a chance to speak with our target audience, understand their needs and what they are looking for. These offline events have helped increase sales & increase brand recall while we continue building the Eazelly brand through various online activities as well!”

Think Like a Customer!

“By proactively interacting with our customers on a regular basis and getting a sense of their likes/dislikes, we have managed to improve our services and convert our customers into our brand ambassadors.

Similar to our experience with customers, we believe the most effective way to on-board new shops is through building relationships. We constantly speak to all our partners on the phone and understand what they need from a marketplace” says Nimrita.

“At Eazelly, we spent a year on engaging with potential sellers, understanding their requirements and challenges before we launched our platform.” Their advice to be budding entrepreneurs is simple – “don’t be afraid to change, adapt and innovate if things aren’t going as per plan. Be frugal; be wise with your expenses and cash flow.”

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