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Founded by Ankit Oberoi and Atul Agarwal, AdPushup is a product which helps web publishers – test and optimize their online ad revenues. With the mission to help keep the internet’s information free and accessible to all, AdPushup was established in 2013.

The company understands the relationship between a value provider and a value seeker on the internet and empowers publishers by helping them increase revenue from their display ad inventory. We chat with the founders about the venture. An Excerpt from the Interview

  • What made you start your venture?

Clichéd as it may sound, we saw a gap in the market and we knew we had the skills to develop a product that could plug it. On top of that, we believed that by helping web publishers, we’re supporting the internet and free information, another great reason to startup.

During our initial market research, it became crystal clear that web publishers are not able to generate satisfactory revenue from their display ad campaigns despite running websites, which have high traffic volume and using multiple ad networks.

This provided an opportunity to create a product that could help solve this painpoint. However the magnanimity of the said painpoint and its far reaching consequences only hit us when we saw a few major web publishers start putting up content pay walls to make up for the loss in ad revenue which, for all of them, is the primary source of sustaining their business.

If this was to become a trend then eventually the internet ran the risk of locking away all information behind a door, the keys to which would only be lent to a few who had money.

This pushed us to create a product which would help publishers and bloggers increase the revenue from the existing ad networks on their site and improve their ad revenue. This process, when compounded, would essentially help in keeping the sea of knowledge and information on the internet free and positively affect millions of lives.

  • What has been the key to your business’s success?

Hiring a brilliant team Leveraging inbound marketing A kick-ass product!

  • What are the major challenges in your line of business and how did/do you overcome them?
  1. Creating value awareness – Reaching the ad tech masses high and low to inform them that a service or product exists that can facilitate a higher click through rate (CTR) from their ads, effectively increasing their display campaign revenue.
  2. Creating brand awareness – That AdPushup is the only product in the industry that can do that along with combating banner blindness through automatic and continuous optimization.
  3. Educating new users on how to use the product – That our product is automated but since every site is different, with a little manual customization from the user’s end, they can make much more revenue. Which is why educating the user about the product’s immense potential in functionality is critical.
  4. We’ve overcome the above with such tactics as –
    • Startup battles (yup, we’ve won a whole bunch of them),
    • Attending and even presenting at offline events like conferences,
    • Inbound marketing,
    • In app product usage tutorials,
    • Live customer support,
    • PR (being regularly featured in articles and interviews by national publications)
    • and most of the times by simply talking to people
  • Do you have a mentor who guides/advices you on matters of the business?

Friend/Mentor – Arun Bansal Accelerator/Mentor – Microsoft Ventures

  • Have you benefited from the use of any specific technology for your regular operations?

Intercom is amazing for keeping in touch with users and providing immediate support. WordPress is the best CMS with a mountain of plugins which enable you to customize it completely to your business needs. Having comfortable ergonomic chairs that protect your spine and improve posture. (something which is very underrated in companies)

  • What strategy do you follow for Customer Satisfaction & Expansion?

For customer satisfaction we follow old school textbook rules which is – provide brilliant support, immediately. Currently, the number one thing users require from us is product support and for this we have installed applications to help them get in touch with us in a flash.

Along with this, all our team members take voice and/or video calls to help users setup AdPushup and answer queries. I think hiring the right people is also very important, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction or success.

A CS representative is the first and possibly the last point of contact for a user. Customer empathy is of utmost importance in every team member. For expansion, we’re currently using inbound marketing to build sustainable traction. It primarily involves creating great actionable content that gets people talking and helps them conduct their business better.

  • What, according to you, are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Vision – To know in your mind and translate into action consistently what you are trying to achieve with the value (product or service) that you’re creating. Perseverance – To stick with the vision even through thick and thin. Curiosity – Always be learning.

I’d like to add another fourth important skill which is ‘Hustling’ – the resourcefulness to be ‘jugadu’ – getting work done with whatever resources that are available to you.   Visit their Website: Like them on Facebook:

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