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Pallav Parikh, co-founder of CityShor, says that “CityShor was a difficult idea to sell. It was difficult to convince even Pankaj Pathak, the co-founder.” The idea of CityShor clicked roughly a year back but they parked it aside due to some reasons.

The duo wanted to do something on their own and brainstormed over different ideas, liking some, disliking the others, even failing with a couple of ideas. After much deliberation came CityShor – Pallav says, “as everyone puts it ‘we wanted to do something which we can really enjoy’”.

Pankaj loves to write and Pallav loves to roam around and was always fascinated with the online world. CityShor, therefore, turned out to be just the apt idea where the duo could write, roam and also be online 🙂 Pallav Parikh is a professional with 12 years of experience and 2 start-up attempts before founding CityShor. In his own words, he is “a food hogger, an avid reader about the internet startup space, crazy about Silicon Valley and one time author (Just like in Hollywood movies)”

He naturally leads the Marketing, Distribution and Product Development at CityShor. Pankaj Pathak, 29 years ‘young’, has authored two novels and has 12 years of experience in the corporate world. At CityShor, he is called the “Content” guy who hits the field everyday to get matter for the content he writes. He analyses what’s working, what’s not and takes call on the strategy of coverage based on that. Pallav adds, “Anything that you see on CityShor (good, bad, ugly), thank (or slap) Pankaj!!!” Definitely a fun team, we spoke with Pallav to know more about CityShor – excerpts from the interview:

What has been the key to your business’s success?

Product Fit: CityShor as a product is something which people normally love – making a product which people love is the most critical success factor for any business. On the very first day of our pre-launch on Facebook, we got quite a few complimentsand the unexpected compliments kept on increasing day by day. On the first day itself, we knew we are on the right track.

Expertise: When you have a great idea but if you don’t know how to take it to your customers,it won’t help. Pankaj has authored two fictions and Pallav did online marketing exposure in his earlier ventures… we knew what it takes to get traction and we are good at our job. As a result, CityShor had huge number of people following in very short span of time.

What are the major challenges in your line of business and how did/do you overcome them?

We call this as ‘a nice problem to have’. As per our plan, we were supposed to face challenges in customer acquisition and retention; however, as they say – make what your customers want and you will not face a challenge in selling it. We are facing different kind of challenges. We have got such a huge response that we are finding it difficult to actually fulfill these demands.

Have you benefitted from the use of any specific technology for yourregular operations?

Our product is not tech heavy and thereby we don’t use any of the specific technology other than what normal online companies use.

What strategy do you follow for Customer Satisfaction& Expansion?

We are very strong with our analytics. We analyze every single detail that goes on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or anywhere. We know what works what not – what people love the most – what stuff they hate.

All these analysis goes back into product changes almost on a real time basis. Moreover, in order to ensure that entire team is aligned with whatever analysis is done, we have pasted big chart papers on the walls of our office – ensuring the analytics are in the face of every single team member. Instead of checking out mails and different reports – all a CityShor team member is required to do is look around in the office and s/he will come to know what went great / wrong.

What, according to you, are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur? Passion, Persistence and Skills   Website: Facebook:

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