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An MBA from NITIE and a BE from NIT Surat, Nishant, worked for almost 8 years in Healthcare and Strategy Consulting industries before setting out on his own business venture. He was inspired by a 60-year old retired professional who was all gung-ho about turning an entrepreneur!!!

Nishant started Clean Fanatic in Bangalore specializing in Indoor dust/allergen sanitization. The company provides professional help for dust and allergen removal in households, so that allergies and asthma are kept at bay. In addition, they also serve a number of day care centres, corporate and resorts. We asked him a few question relating to his business venture and his challenges and strategies. He obliged us with an in-depth peek into the world of Clean Fanatic. Read on…

What has been the key to your business’s success?

Well, these are still early days and a lot has to be achieved before we can claim success!! There have been some highs in the business, such as us being profitable even at this early stage, a number of our customers refer our services (almost 70% of our sales is through word-of-mouth). The success achieved till now, can be attributed to a deep understanding of the customer needs as well as responding to the customer’s requirements in a professional manner. Needless to say that this would not have been possible without perfect team work, right from the strategy to the point of execution at the customer’s residence. All this has helped us deliver world class cleaning at very affordable prices

What have been your major challenges?

The major challenge has been to set up a fully functional team. The best business plans/ideas, the best technology will come to naught if the team is not good enough to deliver. Other than that, a fund in a start-up are always scarce and often prevents us from experimenting on the marketing front. The only solution for it is, of course, to invest on our core premise and grow it before we experiment further more. I wished the Indian ecosystem was more geared towards providing support systems to new ventures. Though things have improved, a lot more can be done.

Have you benefitted from the use of any specific technology for your regular operations?

We have been quite unconventional in our usage of technology and have invested heavily in using the latest machinery in the world. We have evolved a three-step process for sanitizing households and it is comparable to the best in the world. We are the first company in India to use Ultra-Violet for indoor sanitization as well as HEPA-filter Vacuums for minute dust/allergen extraction.

And how has technology helped you in your expansion strategies?

It is here that we use the Internet very often. With Social media, there has been a democratization of marketing and we aggressively use social media to engage with our existing and prospective clients at almost no cost!!. A lot of the net based publications have also featured us and helped spread the word around. Though we are a brick and mortar setup, we rely heavily on the net to reach out to our customers

What has been your Customer Satisfaction Mantra? Provide a terrific service at a reasonable rate and listen to customers with all humility. In-fact our customers have been very very supportive. They have helped us with suggestions right from pamphlet design, pricing inputs to designing/refining our delivery process.

What are your plans to increase your customer base? We are doing well on the retail front and our marketing channels are regularly clockin increased customer acquisitions through BTL activities. We are planning to be more aggressive on the business-front , wherein we attract more corporate into this concept and they could offer indoor sanitization as a facility to their employees. This is a well accepted procedure in the western world

Clean Fanatic Team At Work

And finally, what, according to you, are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur? I read somewhere that Entrepreneurs have make close death situations, and it could not be truer. In-spite of all the hype of being an entrepreneur, at the end of the day this is a leap into the unknown and only the bravest (not the fittest!!) will survive. An entrepreneur should have raw confidence, a never give-up attitude and the skill to deal with all kinds of people-right from the sophisticated customer to the untrained worker whom he has recently recruited.   Website:

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