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Featuring KeyPoint Technologies

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Established by Sunil Motaparti, KeyPoint Technologies are dedicated to delivering better user experiences across devices by combining linguistics and technology. KeyPoint Technologies is headquartered in Glasgow but has a strong global presence with offices in the US, India, Japan & China. We chat with their CEO Sumit Goswami about their journey so far.

An Excerpt from the Interview

What made you start your venture?

KeyPoint Technologies was founded in 2004 in Glasgow Scotland, which is known as the “Epicenter of Linguistics.” The focal ideation of KeyPoint Technologies lies on improving the current text input experience across all types of connected devices such as smartphones, feature phones, tablets, connected TVs and IVI systems.

What has been the key to your business’ success?

The principal factor that determines KeyPoint Technologies’ market success is the download percentages that Adaptxt has achieved over the competition. KeyPoint Technologies’ revolutionary text input application Adaptxt, is the pinnacle of predictive input technology available in the market today. Adaptxt’s smart keyboard application uses the latest advances in linguistic science and artificial intelligence to anticipate users’ text-intentions, making human/machine interaction dramatically more enjoyable, personal and accurate.

Our direct to consumer product Adaptxt has been downloaded by more than a million users over the last year and our largest markets are emerging economies like Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Russia. This is possible because of our focus on creating a global language product, which boasts of cutting-edge, local linguistic expertise. In order to support today’s dynamic app ecosystem, intelligent human-to-device communication is required, which is supported by our flagship product – Adaptxt.

The success of the Adaptxt initiative can be inferred from the fact that while the maximum number of downloads have come from the U.S. market with about 40 percent; we have also achieved nearly 30 odd percent downloads from the emerging Indian market, while the rest is distributed across South-East Asian markets like Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

What are the major challenges in your line of business and how did/do you overcome them?

One of the major challenges in our line of business is creating effortless communication as well as a seamless interaction between devices and users. Creating a smart user experience is one of the biggest challenges for app developers today and we at KeyPoint Technologies, attempt to create products whose aim is to communicate easily and simply. It was with this ideation that we developed the Adaptxt text input application, which creates consistent avenues of interaction between people and helps them to achieve fluid communication. While developing Adaptxt, one of the major hindrances that we faced was linguistics.

Research pointed out that not being able to converse in local languages was an obstacle, which a larger user base faced. That’s when we decided to focus on creating a robust language bank to help users communicate more efficiently. Today we have been able to develop a bank of 100+ languages including 28 Indic languages and 35+ industry-specific dictionaries. Seamless communication bridges the gap between language barriers and a localized app ecosystem.

Although developers have now realized the potential of this key driver for app growth, the regional content on smart devices still has miles to go. With huge cultural and linguistic diversity in one of the largest smartphone markets, localized, regional content has a vital role to play in ensuring seamless interaction between people and their devices. With our cutting edge expertise and innovative solutions, we are confident in creating a linguistics niche segment for user input across connected devices.

Do you have a mentor who guides/advices you on matters of the business?

Yes, Mr. Sunil Motaparti, CTO and co-founder, and Mr. Peter Waller, chairman (non-executive) who through their rich experience of over 20 years in executive roles in the IT industry, guides us. Peter is a highly sought-after board member for public & private organizations in UK.

Have you benefitted from the use of any specific technology for your regular operations? After redefining the text input solution ecosphere, KeyPoint Technologies wanted to offer a more personal and lucid vista of communication and introduced the Adaptxt 3.0 update. This game-changing update features an industry-first and by far the most unique feature in a keyboard text input solution – location-based word suggestions. Exclusive to KeyPoint Technologies, Adaptxt 3.0 uses an advanced algorithm, which suggests words such as street names and landmarks based on your current location, while minimizing keystrokes.

Now users do not have to struggle with irritating auto-correction features and can utilize suggested words based on Adaptxt’s unique algorithm, which detects user’s locations and suggest words based on location. A must for frequent travelers and individuals in new places, this feature makes communication clear, while offering a never before seen keyboard feedback feature. The new update also features Application-based Suggestions, which identifies the applications that users are typing in and provides them with suggestions according to topics and writing style used. This revolutionary feature is context aware, reducing embarrassing typos and benefiting frequent users who multi-task across various apps.

What strategy do you follow for Customer Satisfaction & Expansion?

KeyPoint Technologies reaches out to its customers through dedicated keyboards designed and developed for different smart devices. Across the world with the advent of Internet and widespread information networking, there are millions of users who use devices such as smartphones, tablets, connected TV’s, smart cars and IVI systems – for them the inception point of communication is a keyboard, thus underlining the importance of the input device.

KeyPoint’s aim is to create a simple way to communicate by providing an easy-to-use predictive keyboard. Users can control their interaction with their devices and communicate effortlessly with their peers from across the world. In terms of a global market strategy we are trying to work with device manufacturers who are in the market by offering them our products to embed them into their devices. The application is also available in the Google Play store for download.

Our key customer is the ever-growing market of OEM players and technology carriers who work in the background to create connected technology for consumers. These players who intend to provide greater connectivity vistas to consumers are the ones that we target with our industry-leading products and services. Our cutting-edge keyboard text input technology forms the basis of smart devices like smartphones, tablets, IVI systems and smart televisions, which offer a greater vista of communication to end-users and their devices. We operate within the B2B environment and seek to provide efficient resolutions to our OEM partners looking for consumer oriented text input solutions.

What, according to you, are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Idea execution is essential for any entrepreneur to be successful. We all have ideas and some of them are exceptionally awesome. But success lies in careful and calculated execution of the idea. We have been fortunate to have a very skilled engineering team which rises to all challenges and helps us achieve our goals to be a successful start-up. Second, to be successful an entrepreneur needs to have a clear vision. Execution without vision is marching ahead without knowing where you want to go.

And third, but not the least, is to be full of enthusiasm to go through the nuances of entrepreneurship. It is not easy to begin on a venture and ride through the ups and downs but the journey becomes smoother with enthusiasm. We all know that enthusiasm is contagious, and for a team to have an enthusiastic and optimist leader means having that essential motivation power that can propel a venture to success. Visit their Website: Like their Facebook Page:

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