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“I want to make it BIG”, says Preksha Chhajer, in keeping up with the current generation’s jargon. A post-graduate diploma holder in events and PR, Preksha is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the event management industry.

She started MatchStick Events in Kolkata in August 2012, after a year’s experience in the events industry. Preksha was determined to start her own company while in college and she invariably stood out of the crowd by implementing her skills in organizing family functions, college events and so on. With the encouragement and support from her family and friends, she ventured into the world of event management and hopes to be a successful

Event Manager in the long run. Preksha intends to use her educational experiences to maximize her opportunities for a career that will be personally satisfying. Preksha shares with us how she developed her interest in organizing events, what drives her to go that extra mile and her journey so far in the events industry.

What made you start Matchstick Events? It all started from organizing small to big family functions at home and receiving appreciation and accolades from the guests which made me feel that ‘I am not that bad as an event planner’. A few months after my Post Graduation in Media and Communication in 2012, I decided to gain a year’s experience and joined an event company in Kolkata.

Being a part of so many events during my tenure enlightened me on various event aspects. It has been nearly 7 months since I decided to open up my own event company ‘Matchstick Events’ with the support of my family and friends. It is only because of God and my well-wishers that i managed to take this step and have no regrets of calling myself a young entrepreneur.

When you started off, what are the basic factors that you included in your business plan?

Not many factors were included in my business plan with the exception of the following: 1. As my Company’s name signifies, the way a matchstick ignites flames , with each passing day I have to ignite new ideas and innovations, 2. The plan should be realistic which can be implemented. 3. No work is big or small, take it all up and let people know about your existence.

What are some of the unique features/ services that you offer your customers/clients?

Good work at reasonable rates.

Were there any unexpected/ major challenges that cropped up in your line of business? How did you handle them?

I have had my share of bad experiences and at times I felt it was unfair. But on reflection, you realize that without overcoming those obstacles you would never realize your potential, strength and will power. One of the biggest challenges I faced, and am still confronting, is that clients underestimate my potential and strength because they think I am too young to be an entrepreneur!

How do you exceed customer expectations and deliver customer satisfaction?

By talking less and delivering more, and I truly believe in the saying that “Actions speak louder than words.As an entrepreneur, you are bound to have a tight budget and schedule, what are the tools you use to make your daily business processes easier?

I sleep whenever I get time to avoid any kind of health issues, keeping in mind my profession.

Tell us more about the kind of marketing strategy that works for your business.

Word of mouth and social media are the best kind of marketing strategy that works for me.

What are the qualities that you look for when you hire people to be a part of your team?

1. On-ground expertise. 2. Basic events-related knowledge. 3. Fluency in English, Hindi and Bengali.

What has been the key to your business’s success?

Honesty and delivering more than what the client demanded for within the same budget. Determination and the will to perform even better with each passing event.

Any words of wisdom for other budding entrepreneurs?

Tell yourself everyday that you are a great individual and follow your instinct. Find the will to keep going even when you feel like giving up. Success comes only to those who have tasted failure in life and yes, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

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