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2014-08-18 00:00:00QuickBooks Business of the Commuters in the country often face a myriad of issues whether they travel by bus, train or auto.


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Commuters in the country often face a myriad of issues whether they travel by bus, train or auto. Looking to make a change and reinforce positive action functions in three simple ways: it allows commuters to search any auto driver’s history, post and check for positive or negative reviews and finally, decide who their auto driver will be based on the information.
We chat with the founders of, serial entrepreneurs and IIT Kharagpur graduates Soumajit Bhowmik and Saswata Banerjee about the venture.

An excerpt from the Interview:

• What made you start your venture? was born out of a need to make Auto Rickshaw travel safer and more reliable across the country. Over the years we have seen a steep decline in customer friendliness and professionalism exhibited by Auto Drivers.

We frequently get to hear reports ranging from harassment, over-charging, refusing to travel to certain locations to rape, assault, extortion. It has become so nasty that people can expect almost every alternate auto drivers to overcharge, misbehave and exhibit rowdyism.

The Traffic Police does what it can to fine such drivers, who have been brought to notice, but even then it doesn’t seem to incite any fear or act as a deterrent to bad behavior.

Having faced multiple such issues in Bengaluru in the past, we as responsible Bengalureans, wanted to create a peaceful ecosystem where commuters and auto drivers happily coexist as cogs in a wheel. The main idea behind was very simple.

The best way to teach these rowdies a lesson is to cut off their business completely and bring them back to earth. No matter how many fellow drivers are standing beside them at the auto stands, or how powerful the union is, they must understand now that it is our money which brings food to their families. If they cannot respect commuters, they do not deserve our money as well!

• What has been the key to your business’s success?

Overall disgruntlement of commuters over how Auto Rickshaws ply in the city, the regular over-charging, meter tampering, profanity used by drivers, harassment cases and the need to have a long term solution for the hostile environment created by auto drivers and auto unions.

• What are the major challenges in your line of business and how did/do you overcome them?

Lack of time for people to search auto license plate numbers or write reviews has been a major challenge. Our Solution – Making the portal accessible for everyone very easily – Web, mobile, App, SMS based search and review. Irrespective of whether the commuter has internet or not, or the device is being used, RowdyAuto will be available to everyone with least complexity of usage.

• Do you have a mentor who guides/advices you on matters of the business?

No, we don’t have a mentor or guide.

• Have you benefitted from the use of any specific technology for your regular operations?

No, but we have tried to make the platform accessible across devices and channels.

• What, according to you, are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur? To be responsive, not reactive To be patient To not lose focus on the goal and the bigger picture.   Learn more about them: Like them on Facebook: RowdyAuto

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