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Established in 2011, Sevamob works to transform lives in the rural sector by providing healthcare and insurance for low income groups in developing countries. Their founder and CEO Shelley Saxena has an MBA from Cornell and did his undergraduate degree at IIT, Roorkee.
Shelley has also started cash-flow positive mobile technology startup, Saasmob. Recently recognized as the Business with a Social Commitment at the Intuit QuickBooks Excellence Awards 2013 that recognizes innovation in small and medium businesses, we chat with Shelley about this venture. An Excerpt from the Interview.

What was your Key Motivation in starting your Business?

I was born in the district in India where we started this service. Friends, relatives, acquaintances and sometimes complete strangers helped me get to where I am today. By addressing basic needs of people in a state where illiteracy is as high as 40% and 79% of the population lives in rural areas, I can fundamentally transform the lives of people in a self-sustainable way.

What was the break through moment for your business?

In Aug 2012, Village Capital invested $50K in Sevamob after a rigorous, 2 months program in which peers select the companies for investment. That seed capital and the access to the social impact network we received was the break through moment for us.

How do you Measure Success in Your Business?

We track number of active paying subscribers and the renewal rates to measure our success. Long term, we are also tracking health outcomes.

What is your business model?

Sevamob is fundamentally transforming the delivery of primary healthcare and insurance to low income consumers in the developing countries. For just Rs 100/month, we provide healthcare to students in schools and employees in businesses. Basic primary care, medicines and prescriptions are delivered on-premises by mobile clinics with the help of mobile technology. Advanced primary care is delivered by back-office specialists. For emergencies, subscribers have access to a 24×7 call centre and a network of 3rd party service providers like Hospitals and Pathologists that pay us a referral fees.

Have you benefited from the use of any specific technology for your regular operations?

Our current technology stack includes:

1) Mobile app for field officers: This Android application works offline and syncs with the server when the network is available. At signup, it is used to capture patient demographics and electronic medical record. For prescription requests, trouble tickets are created on it with pictures from camera and text and description. The complete workflow works without network

2) Electronic medical record: HL7 compliant electronic medical record accessible via web/mobile

3) Web based portal for managing subscribers: Management of subscribers, tickets and detailed reporting on operations 4) SevaAngels: A web-based service that enables people to sponsor healthcare of kids in orphanages and elderly people in old age homes and get health updates online of the sponsored person

Innovation is the Key to Survival in any Business. How do you continue to Innovate?

We are innovating both via business model as well as the technology. We take a lot of feedback from our customers and use that to actively tweak our model as well as our technology.

What are the Trends you’re paying attention to for 2014?

Cloud and mobile are 2 big trends for 2014 and beyond. Our technology leverages both. In healthcare, customers are going to pay for management of health outcomes and not just fees for service.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

We plan to grow from 4,000 subscribers this year to 240,000 subscribers within 5 years. We also plan to replicate the model in additional geos through licensees.

What, according to you, are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

a) Focus on customer service b) Awesome team c) Persistence and ability to learn and pivot

What does it mean for you being a recipient of the QuickBooks Excellence Awards? It validates the model and the company and also helps raise brand awareness.

Find out more about Sevamob: Like them on Facebook: Sevamob

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