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Featuring Small Business Local Buzz Winner – Ecoscapes

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We live in a concrete jungle and in today’s day and time, being able to get closer to the nature that the concrete jungle has replaced, is often a distant dream. Suraj Nayak’s Ecoscapes is a landscaping business that hopes to bridge that gap between humans and nature & greenery.

Started in 2009 with 5 employees currently on the roster, Suraj’s ‘Ecoscapes’ has stood the test of time because of complete customization according to the customer’s needs. Listening to the customer and delivering what they need, versus what the business thinks the customer should get, coupled with a strong marketing strategy and pitch process is what makes Ecoscapes stand apart from the competition. “For any small business, maintaining finances is a very big challenge,” says Suraj who has been using Quickbooks for two and a half years to successfully overcome that challenge.

When asked for a word of advice to other small businesses Suraj quickly points out that “Whenever you start a business, because being an entrepreneur is a very big challenge, don’t keep an ‘option’ of being an employee to another company.

There are always ups and downs. Use your ups to motivate you. You cannot be an employee anymore. You’re always meant to be an entrepreneur and you will always be one.” Cheers to that! We always like a good small business success story and with the support from Suraj’s friends and family, which also helped him win, we hope that this win also becomes his inspiration for growth.

We wish Suraj and his green thumb all the very best with Ecoscapes and hope the grant helps him achieve his goal of a solid online marketing plan for his business and the publicity and recognition for Ecoscapes. If you think your small business too can win the #SupportSmallBizIN contest

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