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2014-03-18 00:00:00QuickBooks Business of the WeekEnglishEver heard of a club, like one for adults to go chill at and have fun, for children? Enter, Gambolla! Gambolla is in the business of fun Small Business Local Buzz Winner – Gambolla

Featuring Small Business Local Buzz Winner – Gambolla

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Ever heard of a club, like one for adults to go chill at and have fun, for children? Enter, Gambolla! Gambolla is in the business of fun and in the process of making childhood fun for children and encourages active, imaginative play and learning through play. After spending years in corporate communications, Mahita stopped working to be a mother and decided that she didn’t want to go back.

When she realized that Bangalore had absolutely no places to take young infants and toddlers is when the idea of Gambolla was born in April of 2010. Gambolla has a massive play area for children with classes, after school hobby classes that are run in the evening, fun events that are hosted once every month or quarter or even as often as every weekend.

There are food stalls, children’s products that are put on sale, camps during summers and winters and vacations and lots more, making it Bangalore’s first “children’s club.”

Mahita employs only women not just as an empowering move, but also because families are more comfortable with their children being in the care of women than in the care of men. With a fixed staff of 7, a lot of contractual employees, on either freelance or project basis, are also involved in the various activities and events that Gambolla organizes.

“We’re very proud that we have absolutely no electronic equipment at Gambolla. The focus is on the pure essence of childhood, getting up and running around to play and children using their imaginations.” says Mahita about what makes Gambolla special while also saying, “parents trust Gambolla to look after their children just a little more than other centers in Bangalore.”

Whether it is Mahita’s attention to detail, her own personal touch by constantly being on top of things or the impeccable hygiene and quality standards, Gambolla is trusted by parents. “Our clients, who are all under 3 and a half feet tall are the most important to us. Anything that’s good for them is good for us.”

With an all-inclusive environment that is easily accessible by physically challenged and welcoming children with learning disabilities, behavioural disorders, or special needs, we can only see Gambolla growing by leaps and bounds under Mahita’s leadership. Here’s hoping the grant Mahita has won for Gambolla works towards her goals of making and keeping it world-class and helps in spreading the word! If your business has what it takes to be a winner, register it in the #SupportSmallBizIN contest here

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