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Neeraj Bhatia’s blog site describes him as “Entrepreneur, Part time Blogger, Travel Freak, Honest and Restless!” It is not surprising then that he founded TripOrTrap, a hotel review site where travellers and tourists can benefit from the honest feedbacks, comments and suggestions given by fellow travellers, thereby helping them to decide and plan their trip better.

This is how TripOrTrap works – Based on the feedback of fellow travellers, the team of TripOrTrap rate the hotels, their facilities and their amenities such as the cafeteria and restaurant facilities, housekeeping and cleanliness, parking facility and overall hospitality.

This helps in “transferring your experiences to all those who are yet to experience the good things of a satisfying holiday trip”, says Neeraj. We caught up with him to know more about his venture.

What made you start TripOrTrap?

Travel reviews space is a very niche segment and totally unexplored in the Indian market. There were sites only for hotel booking, but neglecting overall travelling experience of an Indian traveller who has only recently have started exploring this vast land of ours. So, we planned to start a hotel and destination review website with the aim to saving travellers from the traps/wrong doings and mis-commitment made by travel agents , so rampant even now.

“Travel planning is the most essential thing which our country needs because no demo, no trial packs are available to make sure one gets the optimum value out of trip each time”. In TripOrTrap, hotel reviews are made by real travellers for the real travellers so, the real reviews help people to find out and nail the hotel best suited to their needs. Since, we believe that travelling is the only segment where there is no ‘try-before-buy’, people can plan their trip based on reviews thereby mitigating the chances of impulsive and instinctive choices.

What has been the key to your business’s success? UI

we have a clutter free, conducive and more user friendly interface so that it gives the opportunity to the users to dig deep rather than pushing them into an information maze.

Market Infancy – The area, quite frankly, has not been explored in detail. With approx 137 million internet users, the opportunity to reach out to the wider audience is there and we can help service the customer with real facts and wider view about a destination/property rather than making India only a “Cost-based booking” culture

Fresh Content – The content of the website is very informative. Various aspects of a hotel property such as the number of rooms, services available, etc has made users gain immensely so that that they have started relying on TripOrTrap.

Complete Travelling Portal

Not only hotel and destination reviews, our website also has sections related to travelling forums, discussion boards, Travelogues, Destination guides – making it a complete travelling portal where users can come and check any aspect of trip planning.

What are the major challenges in your line of business and how did/do you overcome them? Demand

The demand for this kind of review-based website is still at an infant stage in India and this cause a major challenge to promote and place a travel review-based website to Indian audience. We use social-media extensively (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter) to promote TriOrTrap.

And have tied up with two youth-centric websites (youth 24×7, for the promotion of TriOrTrap among the youth in the country.

Fresh Content – Ensuring repeat users of our website in a cost-effective manner to maintain a fresh, lively and up-to-date content.

Revenue Generation – Websites rely heavily on Advertisement and the advertising partners ‘aptitude to grow the budget over a period of time.

What strategy do you follow for Customer Satisfaction & Expansion?

Fresh content, customer interaction through website feedback as well as social media interactions, contest for promotion of travelogues and blog page of website ( helps to engage with the audience.

What, according to you, are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Clarity, Passion and Larger than life attitude towards failures

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