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We all know that Vastu-Shastra is an ancient Indian science which defines rules of architecture and construction. Many amongst us follow it for our homes, offices, shops etc and are often found scouting helter-skelter for names of good consultants when on the verge of buying a property or moving into a new one.

What if this age-old Indian science could take the leap of faith and reach out to people in need via tools that new-age technologies provide? What if a bunch of vastu consultants were present online to meet the needs of people constrained by time and distance? Thanks to five brains, Vastu-consultation is now on your fingertips.

Sameer Jain, Sandeep Verma, Ishwar Kumhar, Sushrut Chelawat and Anil Garg, B. Techs in different fields from NIT Jaipur with work experience in various corporations, joined hands to start Vastugyani. With the main objective of creating a portal where every individual can take Vastu-related suggestions/advices through a hassle-free process from Vastu experts across the globe, these young entrepreneurs are here to tell us how they made it all happen.

What made you start

The traditional procedure of Vastu consultancy involves consultant’s visit to the house which consumes a lot of time of the consultant and the cost burden increases on the consumer. This procedure actually limits the availability of the Vastu expert. With increase in the internet users, has actually taken away the distance between a Vastu expert and a consumer.

With Vastugyani, there is no limit on the availability of vastu-experts, and people from multiple locations can approach the same Vastu expert any time for consultation. Ours is a serious and passionate effort to spread the ancient knowledge of Vastu-Shastra.

What has been the key to your business’s success?

We think that the unique idea of shifting the traditional offline process into a completely online process has served the purpose. People appreciate it as the portal allows them to save time and money. With reduced cost, it becomes approachable for all sections and being online gives it a much wider reach.

This is the sole reason why we have received many queries from Nepal, Canada, South Africa and US as well. Also our excellent response time for any type of query, be it a paid or a free, and user-friendly customer support has also played a very critical role. To achieve all these, a very enthusiastic and process-oriented team works dedicatedly at the backend in our office  

What are the major challenges in your line of business and how did/do you overcome them?

The biggest challenge is to convince the segment of people who think that Vastu is not a science but an unexplained spiritual knowledge. A large number of people believe in Vastu but there is also a segment which does not. Many blogs, websites and even consultants recommends Vastu changes and remedies but the reasons for such changes are not conveyed properly.

A person follows advice only when there is a logical reason behind it. It is important to understand the reason behind Vastu recommendations and advices. We would like to convey that Vastu is a science just like physics, chemistry and biology. Our experts have already started writing blogs and articles specifying the scientific analysis on which the Vastu advices are based.We will soon start propagating them at all relevant forums and social media sites.

We have also started free of cost Sunday lectures by our experts in housing societies to spread awareness and remove misconception. Apart from this, we will be hosting a YouTube channel where our experts will speak about the reasons behind each and every Vastu tip or recommendation.

What strategy do you follow for Customer Satisfaction & Expansion?

Clients are satisfied only if the services he or she is seeking are up to the mark and gives value for money. Understanding consumer’s problem and delivering solutions accordingly is the main strategy that we think helps us in gaining customer satisfaction, trust and faith. We also allow consumers to directly speak to our Vastu experts for better clarity on any recommendation.

We provide unlimited iterations for 1 year till he or she achieves the result of Vastu recommendations provided by our experts and that is the reason behind not putting any limitations on the number of queries a consumer can ask. We strongly believe that there cannot be a better marketing channel than the word of mouth of a satisfied customer.

What, according to you, are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

• Leadership and visionary • Optimism and Patience • Hunger to achieve and courage to dream big

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