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VHTnow is a fast growing video production house in Bangalore. Founded by Anthony Davis and Aditya Shanker VHTnow specialises in the full lifecycle of activity associated with the creation of top quality, compelling video content that is used for Advertising, Corporate videos and Online marketing. Winners of the Awesome Small Business Teams competition we chat with them about what makes their team special.

An Excerpt from the Interview:

• How do you and your Team feel about winning the Awesome Small Business Teams competition?

In one word ‘Awesome’! If we were to elaborate – we feel that the competition has been a blessing for us as it allowed us to showcase ourselves on a bigger platform. Most competitions end with just distribution of an award with the company presenting the award reaping all the recognition.

With Intuit, it was different as they not only promoted themselves but also created an award in the form of an advertisement that allowed us to also promote ourselves. Apart from this, meeting the Delhi Daredevils stars was an added bonus! The euphoria of the competition is yet to die down more so as we are still waiting in anticipation for the advertisement’s release. Thank you Intuit!

• What do you think are the key features of a truly successful team?

The key features for a successful team can be classified as follows:

a) Common Vision – A good team at its core must be aspiring to achieve the same goals. If there isn’t a common vision, then it can bring the team down.

b) Drive – There should be a strong drive amongst everyone that helps push the team forward through the difficult times.

c) Diversity – The best teams will have diverse people in it with different skill sets that complement each other. No one individual can be expected to know everything and with a diverse team the chances for someone to assist you with your weaker areas will be more.

d) Teamwork/Flexibility – Great teams have people who work well with others and can be accommodating. There is no point in having the greatest talent in the world if he/she can’t cooperate and work with others.

• How would you describe the work culture at your startup?

Fun and relaxed but passionate and focused. We all love our work because for us it’s not work. The company is transparent from top to bottom in all its policies and operations hence making everyone feel like a family and an integral part of the company. Each individual is asked for opinions on key matters involving the business as they are all valued.

• Give us an outline of your journey so far – How would you describe your business to someone who has never heard of it? When did you start your business?

The idea of this business came from Sabeer Bhatia, founder of Hotmail. In a casual interview, he suggested making video resumes for the whole country. That small idea transformed into a vision for making video home tours for real estate to help people sell/rent homes or properties.

From there on step by step, we reached a position where we make any and all forms of videos such as corporate, advertisements, 2D and 3D animations, marketing videos etc. We did not stop there as our craft led us on towards the print media. As sure as we are of the sun rising tomorrow we are sure to evolve and foray into new horizons.

• Tell us about your first hire. Our first hire was an all-in-one guy. He could do everything from filming, scripting to editing and his greatest asset was his drive and his hardworking mentality. He was a passionate guy who worked for food and accommodation which was what we provided as remuneration! Today we are proud to say he is working on his own film and we are glad we could play a small part in helping him reach there.

• Can you tell us what makes your team awesome?

We’d rather show you. Please watch our video –

• Tell us about the Team Building Activities you undertake.

We have annual outings of which the last one took place two months ago where we spent 3 days in Kodai. Additionally we take part in cricket and football tournaments. When we have time we also play cricket in the evenings together. Additionally every month we go to a movie together and afterwards dissect the movie- the story, vfx or camera work etc.

• What are the essential qualities of a Team Player?

Basically the points that make a good team are relevant and essential to individuals who become good team players. Characteristics such as flexibility, understanding, accommodating, focus and a good nature make individuals great team players.

• How has QuickBooks helped your business thrive?

QuickBooks has made accounting and finances simple for us. It has allowed us to focus more time on running the business. Additionally it helps break down our costs in simple easy to understand statistics that allow us to see where our costs are and make adjustments according, thus helping us save a tremendous amount of money. In simple words QuickBooks is a breath of fresh air compared to mundane archaic accounting tools.   Know more about VHTNow: Like them on Facebook: Vhtnow

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