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Moved by the all-pervasive stress that is a fallout of our fast-gear lifestyles, high-paying, highly mobile jobs, and sensing a business opportunity in helping people mitigate the risks associated with stress and pull them out of the impasse, Runjhun Gupta started ZipOut.
An alumnus from the hallowed walls of CBS Delhi, IIM Kolkata, and an exponent of the renowned Tanushree Shankar and Anand Shankar’s dance academy, Runjhun was clear that she wanted to help people achieve a state of utopia through dance and thereby make life a celebration.

Once clear about her aim, the next steps seemed to be like all other ‘start-up’ formula – quitting a high-paying, secure job at Bank of America, starting modestly at one retail center and slowly growing into a multi-center project.

ZipOut today boasts of a strong community of 300+ students with regular corporate clients who have started living the celebratory life which Runjhun envisaged. According to Runjhun, “The glimpses of Dance Addiction are everywhere around for you to envy.

Why really live in pain or envy, just contact us and we will be there to serve you with a smile”. Dance Addiction was her maiden project and has now become the most popular in her boutique. Talking to her gave us a few interesting insights…

What made you start ZipOut? How the name ‘ZipOut’?

ZipOut started from a passion for dance and the need for therapy in today’s stressful world. My parents always supported my love for dance and I honed my skills under the guidance of Tanushree Shankar and Ananda Shankar.

At the same time, I was academically inclined and completed my graduation from College of Business Studies, Delhi University in Finance and also did an executive master’s program from IIM Calcutta, again in Finance. This prompted me to try out various skill sets and I started off as a currency trader and later joined Bank of America.

As a currency trader and while working at BOA, I constantly found myself surrounded by colleagues, who were either professionally stressed or personally stressed. That is where I felt the need to bring about a change in daily mundane routines of people around me and bring in joy through different creative verticals.

While debating about names, I and my partner, wanted to zero-in one that one word which would capture the entire essence of the concept. We thought of ‘Zindagi in Pajama’ (as that is the state of complete relaxation) and that is how we coined ZipOut. This had the feel of elation, de-stress, break-free or simply ZipOut

What has been the key to your business’s success?

Starting up and maintaining a new business venture requires a lot of • Self faith • Genuine concern for bringing about a change • Understanding the need of people • Enthusiastic about own products, and • Commitment and focus on the goal.

What were the major challenges you had to face? How did/do you overcome them?

Networking, initially, for a lady is not easy in Delhi. There were difficult times when I felt that I should quit. Developing marketing and business strategies alongside designing each session was never an easy task.

After all, I was looking forward to promoting my brand and my ideology of providing a euphoric experience through dance rather than a regular exercise regime.

The co-existence of an artist and an entrepreneur is one of the most difficult challenges. The artist in me wants to perform, create newer levels of quality, create a satisfying experience and the entrepreneur in me points towards the responsibilities that I have towards ZipOut. It is difficult to balance the two. But the passion to dance, perform and the strong will to grow kept me going. Good results, good feedback kept me motivated.

Do you have a mentor who guides/ advices you on matters of the business?

I often brainstorm the ideas and methods of execution with my family, which helps me get different perspectives. I also often consult Mr. Pranav Chaturvedi, serial entrepreneur on ways of execution.

What strategy do you follow for ‘Customer’ Satisfaction & Expansion?

A systematic feedback program, continuous research on the ways of or the methods of bringing happiness and satisfaction to the clients helps us increase our client base. It also strengthens the best and the most reliable marketing medium – word of mouth.

What, according to you, are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Top three qualities required are: • Zest to succeed

• Courage to stand firm on your idea or thoughts

• Will to learn and grow.   Want to know more about ZipOut – Check

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