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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Business gets an upgrade with Homechampz Technologies

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In 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple in a garage where they designed and hand built the Apple I personal computer kit. Like most entrepreneurs they started small and then made their first sales at the local Homebrew Computer Club. The group was instrumental in giving computer entrepreneurs the start they needed to launch the technology revolution.

Though decades may have passed, many small business owners today have similar startup stories- working out of their homes and then, connecting with the local community to build their business’s first consumer base. Rajneesh Sharma, founder of HomeChampz Technologies zeroed in on this concept and wanted to help strengthen different local startup ecosystems.

As the former Director of Sales Operations of Hewlett Packard, he says “Having worked in corporate sector for 15+ years, I was looking to do something more worthwhile. There has always been a strong desire to give back to society. HomeChampz Technologies provided just the right avenue for me as it aims to empower, the usually neglected, home based entrepreneurs. Our initial survey revealed that many of these entrepreneurs struggle to market their talent in their neighbourhood and beyond”

What do they do? HomeChampz creates a hyper-local platform connecting potential consumers to home based entrepreneurs. Imagine you sell home baked goods, on the platform- you could share your products and find customers who are residents in your neighbourhood- cutting down on logistics issues and building a loyal fan base for your cakes and cookies.

Having started earlier this year, Rajneesh knows he is just beginning on his path to success but has faced challenges such as the general lack of organisation of the sector and the fact that most home entrepreneurs aren’t that comfortable with technology. So, to start with Rajneesh stuck to the principle of KISS- keep it simple, silly- ensuring that the platform is very simple and easy to use while delivering state of the art, proximity based search functionality.

To reach the target customer, they conduct ‘HomeChampz Carnivals’ inside medium / large residential communities and identify these home-based entrepreneurs. They also cover many of the flea markets to capture details of these entrepreneurs. Rajneesh says “Word of mouth has been our primary expansion strategy. We are striving to make our customers love our platform vs just liking it.”

An avid marathoner, Rajneesh is in it for the long haul and in it to win it. His advice to budding entrepreneurs is – believe in your idea, build value in what you do and you will persevere!

Want to know more about the business? Visit their website and follow them as they grow on Facebook:

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