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Learn a New Language with LanguageStation

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“Change is the only constant. If it was not for constant change we would have still been living in the caves. Thanks to technology, change is occurring at a faster pace now than compared to any other period in human history.

Connecting, communicating and sharing are changing the quality of lives around. To take these connections to the next level and enable people to learn and grow from each other, these connections need to be at a different level and a different scale!” says Savitha Reddy of LanguageStation.

She continues “What better way to connect people than based on languages and culture so that all the wisdom and knowledge deep within these cultures can be shared during the process of language learning and help people evolve to the next level of growth!” With Gayatri Tribhuvan, she established LanguageStation, a platform that connects language learners throughout the world.

Learning at Home

Having an understanding of this market space for more than a decade by both co- founders has helped LanguageStation succeed. Savitha explains what drives their success ”since it is an emerging market and peoples interest in learning something new sitting at the confines of their home and the absence of any major player in the market has helped us. Language is something which is spoken by everyone and the growing population in India and in the world is contributing.”

The Marriage of Technology and People

“The major challenge has been to identify the right technologies required to deliver the class as well as mange the diverse set of people, languages. Scaling up to different geographical locations and combining the technology with people and bringing out the best of both has always been an interesting proposition to solve. We are constantly looking out for better and latest technologies and people who can support us on this” says Savitha.

Making Learners Believe

Learners’ experience of the platform is vital. Savitha tells us about LanguageStation’s strategy “to enhance our customers experience on the platform, we give them a demo of the class even before they sign up or pay up so that they experience the class and are fully convinced about our trainers capabilities. We are also in continuous touch with our students and guide them on examinations, certifications etc.”

The Right Mentors

“We have a couple of mentors in this field whose advice we seek from time to time on various aspects from technology to HR, business strategy etc. Finding the right mentors who believe in our vision is very critical. Also, validating the same idea with two or three different mentors can help us see a different perspective or a new possibility” explains Savitha.

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