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2016-11-28 00:00:00QuickBooks Business of the WeekEnglishNext Generation of HR: Founder and chief executive officer at EdGE Networks, Arjun Pratap always wanted to follow an entrepreneurial path. Next Generation of HR is here with EdGE Networks

The Next Generation of HR is here with EdGE Networks

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Founder and chief executive officer at EdGE Networks, Arjun Pratap always wanted to follow an entrepreneurial path with the focus on the issue of helping the youth in developing skills. During his first venture, at a digital learning platform, he realized the scope and need for next-generation HR technology solutions– and how it would help organizations build a future-ready workforce.

His experiences lead him to “build an HR technology platform, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science and Machine Learning as the secret sauce that would enable workforce transformation.”

He recalls his biggest challenges when starting up “In the start, one of the mistakes we made was investing too early in a sales team assuming the market was ready for the package we had, and that resulted in us letting go of all but one. Timing your hiring is critical, cash flow and cash in the bank is critical, all of which we are learning as we go along.”

Through the introduction of new technology and Artificial Intelligence, in particular, EdGE Networks has become a disruptor in the industry, winning accolades such as Wipro’s “Best Innovation Partner” in 2014, and HCL’s “Recruitment Partner of the Year 2015-16”. Arjun explains the pivotal role AI plays “AI coupled with analytics is gaining ground within the HR domain.

From talent acquisition and workforce optimization to workforce transformation, AI can act as a strategic enabler for HR. In the talent acquisition space, AI is bringing about a sea change in the speed, accuracy, and timeliness of delivery. Auto-sourcing, just-in-time hiring, and self-serve hiring are expected to improve utilization and drive revenue growth. AI-driven applications can act as HR’s weatherman helping them analyze the engagement level of employees, determine flight risk, uncover great talent in the front-line and more.

AI can help build loyalty by acting as a career guide to employees. With AI, HR managers can realize their goal of being a strategic business enabler. Companies that espouse AI-driven solutions will enjoy a significant competitive advantage in the recruitment market too. Thus, what we have is the intelligence that will power companies who are focused on the future. This is a very exciting space and without a doubt, it’s the future.”

With a wide array of clients, large IT services companies, in particular, EdGE Networks’ products and solutions have a layer of analytics built into them which allows them to measure the business impact juxtaposed with data shared by the client.

Arjun finds that “While our product and solutions are based on some of the most cutting-edge technologies, we have also worked towards creating a responsible and agile organization that is ready to partner with customers to build game-changing HR tech solutions.

Our customers are very satisfied with our offerings as we provide an efficient workforce management approach that includes demand generation, talent acquisition, allocation, learning, and analytics to deliver a robust talent connect. In short, this is an end-to-end AI-driven solution that provides the intelligence for workforce transformation.”

Setting their sights next on new geographies namely the UK and US, Arjun believes that “Learnability is a great skill to possess. Successful entrepreneurs realize they don’t know everything and the business/ market is constantly changing. By being willing to learn from various sources/people, they stay up to date on new technology, trends, management techniques and more.”

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