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2019-03-06 04:12:08QuickBooks Business of the WeekEnglishQuickBooks India celebrates International Women's Day with #Level the Field. Read about the success story of an accountant who breaks the... Champion – CA Deepti Hegde – #Level the Field this Women’s Day

QuickBooks Champion – CA Deepti Hegde – #Level the Field this Women’s Day

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Deepti is a partner at a renowned chartered accountant firm in Bangalore.She is very passionate about adding a personal touch to everything she does.

As a young entrepreneur herself,  she understands how much support startups need. Her firm Hegde & More supports entrepreneurs & new-starts as they  set foot in the world of entrepreneurship. The lifeline of any business is money and the toughest part is managing it. Most businesses fail and loose out when they loose track of their expenses. Deepti helps entrepreneurs with starting or incorporating their company, managing and accounting for their finances, introducing Internal controls, management consulting, Tax planning, Statutory compliance and Audit .

She believes that all budding women entrepreneurs should not overthink and worry about what might go wrong. They should not stop pursuing their dreams because anything could happen tomorrow, and they should live life on their own terms without depending on anyone else. This Women’s Day, QuickBooks features women like Deepti who have leveled the playing field of gender inequality at their workplaces and in their practices. #LevelTheField

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