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Take a Trip to the Movies with Flickstree

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Saurabh Singh, CEO at Flickstree, believes in the adage “only you know when your time is, so don’t miss it!”. After 11 years at Asian Paints, Saurabh knew it was time to bring his passion to life. With Rahul Jain and Nagender Sangra, the Flickstree COO and CTO, he set out to solve a personal pain point, faced by all three.

He says “Finding the right movies to watch in the comfort of our homes online. We looked for something that we would love to watch and  is personalised.”

Here’s how they started…

All three of them are avid movie buffs and they tell us the story of what got them started- “Every weekend, we would struggle to find movies online that we would love to watch. We would spend hours searching and often end up spending more than 45 minutes just deciding what to watch. We would Google, read film blogs, go to IMDB just to decide that one elusive movie.

Once it was finalised, we would then spend another 30 minutes searching for the movie online. The search process itself would take one hour without any certainty that we would love the chosen movie. And every weekend, we would go through the same process all over again. So, we decided that we had to find a solution to this problem and we sensed a business opportunity there.

Also, there was another big problem – to find where the movie is available to watch online. With the shutting down of torrents and other illegal websites hosting pirated movie content, this problem was further aggravated. At the same time, various legal streaming players were making it easier for users to consume and buy content legally but the entire market was too fragmented. A user is hesitant to download 20 movie apps on his device. So, we decided to create Flickstree to solve these two problems- What to watch and Where to watch.”

What are the challenges?

The Flickstree journey hasn’t been without its challenges- “The biggest challenge was to get the right database of movies and to screen each and every movie, before it can be classified as “recommendable”.

We invested almost 8 months in getting the database right. Each movie went through a critical lens of 12-13 parameters and was then given a Flickstree score. Only if a movie had crossed a particular score threshold, it could be classified as a “recommendable” movie. We overcame this challenge by investing a lot of time and effort in building the database.

The other big challenge for us is to move away users from doing generic movie related searches on Google to doing specific searches on our platform. On Flickstee, the movie data here is much more granular and organised. For this to happen, we are constantly innovating.

We also worked on ensuring we create an entire community and social networking platform for movie lovers. Users can follow their favourite critics, follow their movie forward friends and do a lot of other things on the platform.”

Relying on machine learning and natural language processing technology, Flicktree’s plans for expansion involves “a series of growth hacks across all social media platforms. We have managed to get very good user base across Twitter and Instagram.

Through the power of compelling content and have managed to expand our audience considerably. We also run student campus ambassador program across the country. Our Student Ambassadors become our brand champions and help us create a unique brand experience in their colleges”

What has been the secret to their success?

“Getting the right team in place has been our biggest achievement and key to our business success. Having prior work experience in the field of digital marketing, new product design and machine learning helped us develop the product completely in-house and customised as per the pain point we are trying to address.” So, the next time, you’re looking for that perfect movie to match your mood, head to Flickstree and give it a whirl!

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