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Travel and See the World with Navigers

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“I am a traveller and biker and I kept traveling to high altitudes and remote places. I have faced accidents, hospitalisation, broken bikes, lost routes, flat tyres and more. It’s always tough to tackle these situations when you are riding/driving solo.” Says Navigers co-founder Devansh Chaurasiya.

He thought “Wouldn’t that be great if we could connect these travellers with each other, when we know for the fact that travellers are searching each other to travel together. How are these travellers searching each other? How can a traveller find another traveller travelling on a particular route at a particular time, in a structured way?”

A Problem Unique to The Travel World

The idea for Navigers struck him on a biking trip and with Divyanshu Singh, he started Navigers . The startup is “solving a problem unique to the travel world. On travellers can find and connect with other travellers in a structured way.

They can run a simple search query on the basis starting point and destination. If somebody is travelling on the same route and has created a trip for themselves, they will show up in search result. People can connect with each other to travel together. Navigers has also tried to bring in travel world and social media together, travellers can create profile, discuss their trips, and write their blogs.

Travelers also face problems of renting car and bikes on one platform. And sometimes travellers are not provided the vehicle they had booked. Navigers is looking at so  this problem that travellers can rent bike anywhere in India or Cambodia. In two years, we will try to consolidate the entire bike renting market to bring them to one platform at a standard rate that will be economical and reliable.”

How does Navigers work?

Devansh tells us “Navigers provides free online market space to its travel partners to provide travel packages to Navigers customers through Navigers website. Navigers has connected with travel partners who are working at the ground level and because of this Navigers is able to provide holiday packages to its customers at an extremely competitive rate. We are strong in Kerala, Rajasthan, Delhi Manali region and in international markets like Turkey, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Vietnam.

At the start, it was tough to connect with the people at the ground level internationally. We are not a very established player and do not have a big brand name. But when we explain our business model we have finally started experiencing success.”

It was also easy for Navigers to provide bikes all over India and Cambodia as Devansh, as a biker himself had lots of connections in India and abroad with bike renting companies. He could easily convince them to become business partners.

What sets Navigers apart?

“I have observed to win; two things are deciding factors – Competitive pricing and speed” says Devansh.

“We are trying to standardise most holiday packages so that our speed is unbeatable and we have a 24/7 customer care number which doesn’t have an IVR. We want to keep it human. You call us and a person will speak to you and if the phone is busy we call back the number we missed. Soon we will have more lines but we always want to keep it human.

In a time when everything is becoming robotic, I still believe nothing can ever outdo human interaction and intelligence. The emotional connection we have will surpass all technological advancement. That’s what is a game changer in customer satisfaction.”

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