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Discover Wireless Intelligence with Winix Technologies

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Winix Technologies founders Subhajeet Roy and Ajay Singh Katha have a combined experience of over 40 years in wireless audio streaming and IOT platforms. Additionally, together they have created some of the most popular audio streaming products for international Tier 1 customers.

But they found that “as an Indians, we couldn’t boast much about quality wireless electronic products from India. Winix was built with the idea to create genuine and quality wireless products right from India. We want to make an impression in international market that quality consumer electronic products can be made better, even from India.”

Quality is Key

“We invest 80% of our funds on research and development. Customers are always in need of quality and finished solutions. Hence, maintaining quality in software and hardware is essential to earn customer trust. Also, Winix Technologies needs to innovate. We are involved in continuous research and development to stay ahead of competitors” says Roy.

The Japanese Connection

The Japanese have always been known for their high standards of quality, making them perfect partners to Winix Technologies. Ajay tells us more “We are funded by a Japanese firm, who are in the business of creating quality product for the last 30 years. They are not only our investors but also help us maintain quality of the product apart from deployments. They also guide us from time to time on what the market needs.”

The Way Forward…

“We believe good engineering is essential before good marketing. If there is a genuine product in the market which fits the need of people, it will always create traction and earns business. We need to have a real passion for what we do. The environment we set is to do good engineering. We don’t consider it a job or profession.  We try to think of ourselves as free engineers. We encourage free thinking. Therefore, we believe great innovations occur because of free thinking.” says Roy.

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