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Work at Will with WorkFlexi

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Workflexi is a platform to work-at-will.  It is designed for contract employees and mentors/consultants who want to follow their passion and work only when they want to.  Workflexi founder Geetha is an avid traveler and started to look out for jobs on contract to support her travelling adventures but found nothing. She started Workflexi for senior consultants who are above the experience level of 13 years considering that they might not have a full-time job.

She tells us about the venture’s beginnings “The challenge was to pull out data and to analyse the market if this was a feasible idea and is there a market to support the idea? Yes, we found a market. Deloitte came out with a statistic that in 6 months 66% could quit their job to follow their dreams rather than a corporate job.

We wanted to validate it, and when we entered NASSCOM, we had our validation, a start up here is consulting us with marketing while they are pursuing their own start up.”

A Unique Proposition

Her co-founder Sandesh Kangod, had an epiphany – he was born to sell and once he started he hasn’t stopped. He tells us about what lies behind the venture’s success “there are no platforms of this kind yet. To be clear, we are not a platform for freelancers. Our revenue predominantly comes from consultants/mentors. We currently have about 3000 people registered and paid clients who have got hired from us.”

The Big Challenge

Sandesh says “Contractual work arrangement is frowned upon in India although it’s picking up slowly. The biggest challenge is to convince people to work on contract. We are slowly breaking that barrier as we understand millennial and the world are moving towards contracting.

We understand the market pretty well as our experience is predominantly in the contracting field. We also help our customers by fulfilling their immediate and niche needs. For now, we have used basic technology, however going forward once we are funded we plan to use analytics.”

Their Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

Sandesh tells us his advice is simple- “Only hear what you want to hear. Generate revenue. Every person is unique and I allow them to do what they want keeping the vision and mission intact. I am not perfect. Everyone knows something that I don’t. I try to leverage their key skills rather than forcing them to do what I want them to do. The key to give freedom with responsibility.”

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