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How do I receive or pay part of a purchase order to a supplier in QuickBooks Online?

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If you’re receiving a partial amount on a PO or making a partial payment, you can add part of a PO to a transaction, and link multiple transactions to a single PO in QuickBooks. It’s simple, easy and user-friendly.

To receive or pay part of a purchase order in QuickBooks Online:

  1. Select + New from left navigation frame when you log in to QuickBooks Online.
  1. Select ExpenseCheque, or Bill (in the screenshot below, we have selected “Expense”)

part of purchase order

  • From the Payee drop-down menu, select the supplier or payee. A PO section will appear.

purchase order qb

  • To add a PO to the transaction, select Add. Details from the PO will be added on the first available line in the Item details or Category details section.

purchase order 6

  • Edit the quantity or amount for each line to reflect the portion that you would like to record as partially received or paid.
  • Select Save and close.


  1. Multiple transactions (expenses, cheque, bills) to a single PO can be linked in QuickBooks.
  1. QuickBooks Online automatically closes a PO when all quantities and/or amounts on the PO are accounted for across all of its linked transactions.
  2. You can manually close the PO by changing its status or by manually closing individual lines on it.


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