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2018-05-03 21:54:33Social MediaEnglishSocial Media: Engage your online consumers to connect with you through social media. Use Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to share various... to Use Social Media to Appeal to Indian Consumers

How to Use Social Media to Appeal to Indian Consumers

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How to Use Social Media to Appeal to Indian Consumers

Here in India, your consumers love being online, and so, as a business owner, there’s never been a more exciting time to engage your consumers directly. You can use online marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and gain new customers, but reaching out from your website is no longer enough. Consumers across the country gravitate toward social media, and that’s where you need to meet them to make the biggest impact.

The Allure of Social Media

Close to 500 million Indians have access to the internet, and social media usually is the first place they go. Keeping up with family and friends is very important, so apps like Facebook and Instagram are popular. Consumers also use WhatsApp (owned by Facebook), which offers phone calls, text messaging, and video and photo sharing. Indians also adore apps such as YouTube, SnapChat, and ShareChat. In between the funny photos, jokes, songs, and videos, you have an opportunity to slide in your marketing messages in and get seen.

Content Is King

Some social media users here have been online for a long time, while others just purchased their first smart device this week. The first group, the experienced social media users, tend to stay away from traditional online advertisements. The second group, who are simply happy to be online, enjoy any type of content, which opens up possibilities for innovative approaches. This approach might seem low-key, but it has strong potential to go viral, given the rate at which consumers in India share videos on social media.

The Rise of Influencers

Because your consumers love personal content that doesn’t come across as commercial, teaming up with social media influencers can be one of the best ways to introduce your brand to your target market. If you have a clothing brand, for example, you might reach out to popular fashion bloggers with Facebook pages or Instagram celebrities with large followings. You can work with social media influencers to tailor content that shows your brand in the best light possible.

Engaging Your Customers On Social Media

Growing your customer list allows you to reach your audience where they are spending their time, which is often on social media. By tracking where you are interacting with your donors, you can maintain a current list of consumer data and adapt your social media strategies as needed. For example, if you plan to do online marketing, capturing details like consumer phone numbers and buying patterns makes it easy to share highly targeted content on social media apps like WhatsApp.

While your customers are fairly social media savvy, there’s still lot of catching up to do. Across the country, Indians from all walks of life currently don’t spend as much time on social media as do people in some Asian countries, such as Japan, Singapore and South Korea — although this is expected to change with time. At the same time, women currently don’t use the internet or social media as much as men, but experts expect this to change, too.

Establishing a strong social media presence now allows you to be prepared for the anticipated growth of this market in the future.

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