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2019-02-04 08:46:01Social MediaEnglishA good LinkedIn profile has become mandatory for every working professional in the global market. Here are LinkedIn profile tips you must... LinkedIn Profile Tips For Solopreneurs In 2019

Top LinkedIn Profile Tips For Solopreneurs In 2019

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A good LinkedIn profile has become mandatory for every working professional in the global market. It does not matter what stage of your career you are in. A strong LinkedIn profile will always open better opportunities in any field you may want to proceed.

94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to review candidates. Further, over 6.5 million in the world use LinkedIn for connectivity.

Are you too considering to build your LinkedIn profile from scratch? Or planning to upgrade your current LinkedIn profile? If so, follow this ultimate guide to create the perfect LinkedIn profile.

1. The First Impression

Visitors come across your LinkedIn profile either among the list of suggestions or see it directly on your profile page. The first impression is created by your LinkedIn profile picture and the headline below it.

  • Use a Professional Profile Photograph

An official LinkedIn blog says a profile picture can get you up to 9x more connection requests and 14x more profile views.

Post a professional photo of yourself preferably taken by a professional photographer. However, if you feel you can take a good photo by yourself in appropriate lighting, then go for it. There is no need to be serious and look angry in the photo, just remember to be calm and look approachable.

Keep the background of your LinkedIn profile picture neutral and make sure your frame covers most of the photo. While choosing your outfit for the photo, pick one that perfectly balances professionalism without going overboard and represents how you look in your workplace.

  • Write a Unique Headline

Right below your photo is your headline. Most people keep it on default and let LinkedIn write their headline for them. But, this does not create the best impression possible for you.

Therefore, there are two strategies to create a good headline depending on the type of your LinkedIn profile. The first one is bits of information separated by vertical bars. These bits of information can be a big picture description, specialization, and statement that will establish credibility. The second option is a “Call to Action” type headline that acts as a targeted sales pitch.

2. Complete your Profile

  • Add a Cover Photo

Once you have created an excellent first impression, visitors will move on to look at the rest of your profile. Start with updating your cover photo. You can keep your cover photo industry-related, use it for brand promotion, or simply keep it casual. LinkedIn recommends that the size of the background photo must be around 1584 x 396 pixels. And it must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF file that is under 8MB.

  • Add Industry and Location

Add the industry you work and the location you reside in. This is important because these are the two most essential filters used by prospective employers or customers to look for nearby talent. Location makes you up to 23x more likely to be found in LinkedIn searches.

  • Write a Compelling Summary

LinkedIn lets you play around with 2000 characters that constitute the summary of your profile. This is one of the great places to showcase who you are and what you do. The decision between the 3rd person and 1st person tone depends on your preference and industry norms. Try to incorporate some keywords into your summary as well. Also, add some rich media as it provides credibility to your assertions. Give links to blog posts, videos, podcasts and more that you have created or that acknowledge you work.

  • Describe your experience

Another place to use keywords is your experience section. This section might be the one based on which a prospective employer or a customer might hire you. So, make repetitive use of keywords to be displayed in the top search results. Catch the company’s attention looking for great talent by describing what you do, projects you have completed, and the results you have achieved. Finally, to be picked by the hiring manager, showcase a bit of your technical and soft-skills.

  • Add Skills and Endorsements Defining your Professional Role.

Prospective employers, partners or customers also look for great talent based on skills. LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to list upto 50 skills. More skills you add to your LinkedIn profile, better are the chances of ranking top for varied roles. To add skills, you can start with keywords used in your industry by people searching for top talent on LinkedIn. You can then build on these keywords by referring to the search terms used by different companies or prospective customers searching for same set of skills. In addition to this, you can use LinkedIn’s skills directory to add skills to better define your professional role.

  • Complete Information about Education

A profile with education information fetches 17x more messages from recruiters or prospective customers. Add your education details using the search bar and select your educational institution from the drop-down menu.This will add a logo of your university besides its name. Logos add credibility as well as visual appeal to your profile.

3. Increase your Connectivity

  • Customize your LinkedIn URL

The first step in increasing your connectivity is making it easier for recruiters or prospective customers to find you. For this, you need to customize your LinkedIn URL. Default URLs contain your name followed by a set of randomly generated numbers. Edit your profile URL in the profile settings to your name accompanied by specifications that apply to you. These specifications can be your education, professional designation, or the location you work out of.

  • Import contacts and Accept Invites

Rather than sitting back and waiting to get invites, you now need to reach out and find connections. Sync your LinkedIn account with Gmail and Facebook to convert contacts into connections. Scroll through the “People you may know” section to connect with people you may have worked with but might have forgotten. Accept only those invites which you feel might positively grow your network and aren’t just promotional or fake profiles.

  • Reach out for and give Recommendations

One of the ways to establish your credibility and in turn, make more connections and attract more employers is by exhibiting recommendations on your profile. You can either directly request for a recommendation from a supervisor, colleague or client, or provide unsolicited recommendations to people you know in the hopes of replication on their part.

  • Create and Optimize Company Page and Showcase Pages

If you are building a LinkedIn profile for a company, optimize it by adding links to your website and other social media accounts. You can also create up to 10 free showcase pages allowing you to promote specific products or market to a specific buyer.

  • Optimize your Profile

Finally, the best way to improve your profile’s searchability is optimization. Optimize your profile by sprinkling keywords in the headline, summary, experience sections, and even image titles. Do not leave any fields blank and make exhaustive use of all sections to use keywords and promote yourself.

4. Participate in the LinkedIn Community

If you want to take advantage of this, try joining groups having the same interests or affiliations as you. Look for groups in the search bar and read the About this group section to know more about them. You can even create your group for the interest or group of interests you want to focus on.

  • Consider a Profile Badge

Create a public profile LinkedIn badge and post them in your website or blog. They function as a direct link for the visitors to check out your LinkedIn profile.

  • Publish content on LinkedIn Pulse

Stay in the know with the LinkedIn Pulse App. It delivers news related to your industry and lets you know what your colleagues are reading. You can also publish your own content on this app to share with your colleagues and groups.

Using the trending news from LinkedIn Pulse or from any other source, you can post updates matching the themes in your industry. Liking and replying to others’ updates is also an essential part of staying active in the community.

  • Share Interesting Status Updates Regularly

Using the trending news from LinkedIn Pulse or from any other source, you can post updates matching the themes in your industry. Liking and replying to others’ updates is also an essential part of staying active in the community.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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