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2018-06-11 04:13:01Starting a BusinessEnglishThink about the key questions to ask when you're trying to choose a name for your new business. Whether your business exists solely online... to Find a Good Business Name: Ask These Questions

How to Find a Good Business Name: Ask These Questions

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Choosing the name of your new business is one of the key decisions you make as an entrepreneur in India. It’s important to choose a name that represents your business well and that will attract customers. Working your way through these questions may help you make a great choice.

Does the name convey the essence of your business? You want a business name that lets your customers know exactly what products and services you offer. Try not to sound like one of your competitors. Be careful to avoid names that are too specific — If your business name is tied to the name of the street your shop is located on, for instance, that could make it hard to expand or move to a new location.

Does the name look good on a sign (and on a website)? The visual appeal of your name can’t be understated, since it will attract customers to your shop or site. Look for symmetry in the name, as well as a nice balance of round and sharp letters to create visual appeal.

Is the name easy to remember? You want your customers to be able to find you online, so avoid weird spellings that can be confusing. A short name that’s easy to spell is most likely to stick in your customers’ minds.

Is the name easy to pronounce? If your business name could be pronounced more than one way, customers are less likely to want to say it out loud, fearing they might make a mistake. Make sure your business name sounds good and can’t be misconstrued. One last thing to do before you make your final decision is confirming that the name you like isn’t already trademarked by another company.

Once you’ve chosen the right name, you can start to take steps to brand your company, create signage, and design your website.

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