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5 low cost ways to keep your employee cool this summer

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Summer is a tough month for all workers in India, the heat can exacerbate tempers and have a negative impact on employee morale. As a small business owner you cannot afford to ignore the heat and hope for a zero loss in productivity. On the other hand, you are put in a tough situation as you attempt to save on electricity bills or cannot afford the expensive option of installing air-conditioning. Therefore it is imperative that you improve employee motivation and find low cost ways of keeping your workforce cool.  Explore 5 ways to save money while your organization beats the summer heat:

1. Purchase Table Fans and Ice:

With a few table fans and blocks of ice you can simulate the atmosphere of an Air Conditioner at a fraction of the cost. Place fans cover a wide bowl of crushed ice and sit back and enjoy the cool breeze.

2. Invest in a refrigerator:

A new refrigerator for your office does not have to come at a mammoth cost. A refrigerator can allow employees to store cool refreshers, take ice cream breaks and keep hydrated with draughts of cold water. If money is tight at your startup and you do not foresee a future use for the appliance, look into renting a mini fridge or cooler rather than buying one outright.

3. Arrange for the Delivery of Cool rather than Hot beverages:

No matter what the size of the office in India, there is always some mechanism in place that delivers hot tea or coffee to the office. Since this will already be accounted for in your monthly budget, change it up and find out if you could have cooler more summer-friendly beverages like ice tea, coconut water or cold coffee delivered instead of piping hot drinks.

4. Relax the Dress Code:

If you have a strict formal dress code in place, you may want to relax it in the brutal summer months. Have only those leaving the office to represent you organization at client meetings keep to your normal dress code. Most startups thrive in a relaxed but busy atmosphere, this summer, you may want to ensure that the dress code for dress-down Fridays are implemented across the board for every day of the week.

5. Create Summer Timings or Flexi-times:

The heat and stress of the workplace is only made worse when employees face a long and traffic filled commute to work. In the summer you could institute timings where your employees are not travelling at the hottest times of the day. They could arrive earlier- beating the traffic and the heat and leave earlier as well.

You could also institute a temporary work from home policy that allows employees to work in shifts, running the office on a skeleton staff of essentials while all non-essential staff can work from home on certain days of the week. This particular policy will only work if your organization can still function productively if your employees telecommute.

Follow these simple strategies to ensure you avoid the worst of the summer heat and your workforce remains cool, efficient and motivated to give your organization their all.

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