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2016-12-20 00:00:00Starting a BusinessEnglishGet Your Team to Believe: Today, 25% of employees feel that their strengths and weaknesses are being ignored by management and 40% of these... Your Team to Believe that There’s No ‘I’ in Team

Get Your Team to Believe that There’s No ‘I’ in Team

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Today, 25% of employees feel that their strengths and weaknesses are being ignored by management and 40% of these employees feel disengaged. So, what can your business do to stem the tide of dissatisfaction? You should look to engage with employees through team building to develop a sense of mutual respect and admiration. Team building can help your team develop a strong synergy, a clear strategy and vision to reach attainable goals.

Why is Team Building Important?

To ensure that you develop a sound interpersonal relationship within your team, you must invest in team-building activities to help teams de-stress and bond better improve efficiency.

You can encourage a sense of camaraderie through off-site visits and leadership building exercises. This is essential as 65% of employees have never experienced a team building session and it can make a vital contribution to your employee retention rate.

Teams should pursue excellence, stay committed and remain focused, explains Narayana Murthy, Chairman Emeritus, Infosys “Create a team that works mutually and proactively and has the skills in order to tackle any problem.” Mr. Murthy also added that the importance of leadership as “One member of the team has to show more commitment than any other member of the team so that the team derives the right practices and aspirations obtained from the leader of the team.” Today, 57% of companies are hiring talent that has intellectual curiosity.

New recruits will create a sense of dynamism and positivity which is needed for the rest of the team. Through mentoring and team outings, you will be able to help your team to destress, improve relations and have a sense of commitment to their job.

For your small businesses, it is important to set team goals and a purpose as explained by Steve Correa, EVP and HR Head at Diageo United Spirits, “To enable effective collaboration within teams, it is critical that the workgroups have a clear recognition and awareness of the alignment of their personal purpose with the entity purpose, personal values aligned to company values, and personal possibilities aligned to company possibilities. Teams function effectively when they have a ‘Shared Purpose and Shared Values’.

Through communication, respect, and interdependence this is achieved.” The morale of your team will improve significantly with better interpersonal communication and the decision-making process. Employees should be able to appreciate their company and stop thinking about the negatives by focusing on the positives in the company.

A Couple of Suggestions…

Your small business should look at fostering better communication and enable your employees to appreciate company values through Corporate Outings:

  • Volunteering: For businesses, giving back to society will enable your team members to bond better and support a good cause. Skill based volunteering will help your small business to not only look to their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts but build a sense of awareness and support not-for-profit causes
  • Dinners: By hosting company dinners, your team can spend quality time with good fun and insightful conversations. This will enable them to connect and learn more about each other’s passions and activities that they enjoy away from work
  • Outdoor Sports: Enjoy outdoor sports to the fullest by creating short competitions and team sports outings that enable them to build on their mutual relationships and encourage a sense of accomplishment
  • Karaoke Night: Break away from the usual office activities and get employees to sing their favorite songs. Karaoke contests are especially important to help teams develop a sense of character and help enhance their personalities
  • Laser Tag: Get your adrenaline pumping with a game of laser tag. It is also an opportunity for employees to develop key strategies at the spur of the moment and strengthen teamwork

Team building activities will give your employees a sense of mutual respect, passion, and zeal. The best investment for any business is to invest in their teams and give them the kind of care and support needed for them to deliver and grow.

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