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How to Draft a Great Hiring Ad

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When hiring new employees it is important to remember that you are looking for people who can shape the future of your company. While others with an established reputation may have an easier time, treat your ads for employees as a chance to show what your company is made of and where it is headed. Discover how to attract the best talent in this post, where we discuss How to Draft a Great Hiring Ad:

1. Grab Attention While the copy of your ad maybe perfect, no one will even notice it if you don’t grab their attention. You could do this by using a great graphic, a well designed layout and an attention grabbing headline. Remember to avoid clichés associated with Job Postings such as “Help Wanted” or “Applicants Wanted” and to customize your content to your hiring needs

2. Personalise the Ad Small Businesses win over big companies because job seekers are made to feel like they could really make a difference and that they will become part of a team. It is essential that as a small business owner, you work this to your advantage.

Write the hiring ad in first person, make it witty and above all, speak about the work culture at your business and what sets it apart. Be sure to stand out with the use of upbeat, forward thinking language rather than formal, impersonal phrases that potential employees may just gloss over.

3. Be Concise While the sizes of job advertisements are no longer dependant on the cost of advertising in newspapers, it is still important to be concise when advertising for job posts. For this you will need to be clear on what you are looking for- what is the job role and what are the essential skills the applicants should have. While you might be tempted to add a range of skills, remember to hold back so you can create a realistic advertisement targeted at the right candidate.

4. Format to your Advantage There are certain features that your business has that no other will. Be sure to highlight them in your advertisement. Use capital letters, bold fonts, different font sizes, boxed texts, underlining and colours to your advantage when you are sending out a listing. Most importantly, ensure your grammar and sentence construction are flawless. Make sure that you also highlight the numerous advantages candidates will enjoy by working with you.

5. Target your Audience A great way to attract new employees would be to target them, in the same way you do consumers. Based on the skills required and the job description, you will know the demographics of your ideal employees- their age, income group and sometimes even their gender. Draft your advertisement to appeal to them directly, keep the tone of your ad relevant to your target group.

It is also important that you have one of your employees who is from the concerned department weigh in as they will be able to assist you in the right language and tone to attract the right employee. Think of the Ad as an extension of your business, ensure that you create the best picture of your organization, get creative and if possible, infuse a touch of humour and self reflection in your ad copy to make it really stand out and be remembered.

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