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How to Read a Resume

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Previously we covered 3 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid, and in this post you can read about how to read a resume and hire the right candidate. Small businesses today have taken many elements from corporate culture, where there are fixed work timing, HR policies, leaves policies as well as hiring process. Gone are the days, when employers hung ‘Help Wanted’ signs on their windows and people walked in for interviews.

As a small business owner you need to be accustomed to hiring employees using the traditional process and through the online medium. Once you get used to the process of short-listing the resumes, the hiring process becomes hassle-free and smooth. While reviewing resumes, there are certain aspects you need to look for in the profiles before selecting a candidate.

Here are some ways to guide you through the process of short listing and hiring the right candidate for your business.

1. Good candidates usually make the effort to write a customized cover letter with correct grammar and spellings. This shows that the candidate has taken the time and effort to approach you by writing a perfect cover letter.

2. If you are looking to hire someone with good communication, the resume is the best way to judge a potential candidate. If the resume has spelling and grammatical errors, chances are the candidate pays little attention to detail. However, if written communication is not something your business demands you can ignore this step.

3. Check if the profile meets the professional resume format. It should contain all the required information like: education, objective, skills, achievements, goals and aspiration and references.

4. You can also judge a resume by checking the promotions and achievements of the candidate in the previous companies. If the person has moved up the ladder, it is something worth noting.

5. Past work experiences are also a great way of judging a candidate. Look for the duration, company and references, if any. Check if the candidate has held a similar position in the past companies, it is always advisable to hire somebody who is already aware of the job responsibilities of the position rather than appointing someone you will have to train from scratch.

6. If the candidate’s profile meets all these requirements, you can do a quick background check and short-list the resume for personal interview. Prescreening the candidate might also help you take the right call. Have a telephonic interview and ask the right questions, this way you will be able to distinguish between excellent candidates and the average ones.

What might seem as a perfect candidate on paper might not be as impressive in reality, thus prescreening the candidates before the interview will save time and effort. These are some quick ways of reviewing the profiles of potential candidates.

With practice, your review process will take less than 20 seconds. So, change your recruitment process and ensure a high quality work force for your Small Business.

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