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Innovating Your Customer Service

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For Small Businesses, innovation in customer service is a great way to gain attention and find new ways to connect with your customers. In order keep customers happy and enjoy a comfortable market share, you must increase the points of contact between your business and the customer.

This will enable your small business to reduce the number of instances that you could not reach out to your customers and mend areas of discontent. In order to determine a firm approach to customer service innovation, you should know what can boost your customer’s value in the future.

Your small business’s aim should be to drive attention to what the customer wants most from your business through planned and reviewed methods. The following are the best methods to help in innovating your customer service:

1. Be the go-to business when your customer needs you

Allow your customers to connect to your team when they are in need. At the click of a button on your website or mobile app, you can provide them with immediate customer service in minutes. With 91% of retail brands using two or more social media channels, small businesses need to be available to their customers at a moment’s notice. Additionally, you can opt to talk directly with your customers through the Team Viewer application and immediately solve problems through a screen sharing, live screen or a video interaction where you can highlight problems and provide solutions.   2.Answer Questions on Video

Since 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others, small businesses should take advantage of this platform. There are several businesses that utilize videos to resolve complicated questions. This enables customers to get immediate customer service that resolves their problems and allows for easy dissemination. The video helps in providing a personal touch with the effect of reducing the number of instances of follow-ups. By understanding their issues and providing them with videos that can service a common problem, your small business can help resolve several recurring problems.

3.Deliver Personalized Thank You Notes

Thank your customers for recognizing, signing up or acknowledging your support by sending them personalized cards. This will help nurture brand loyalty and help you continue your strong relationship with your customers.

4.Using Social Media to your advantage

The difficulty of using phone numbers, contact forms, email and using service representatives is that you cannot reach out to your customers in an approachable way. With social media, communication is immediate and especially effective for customers dealing with vital problems.

Customers benefit from a more personal brand experience when you humanize your brand. The conversation is transparent and helps in taking care of issues that have been made public. With social media you can encourage more brand mentions and follow up is effortless.

On Twitter, 72% of customers look for a response to their complaint within an hour. This makes it imperative that businesses respond to their customers in a few minutes.

The clear goal for customer service innovation is to understand their needs and provide greater value. Find ways that ease the pressure both of your staff and how they can spend more time with customers. There is a different method of thinking that should be adopted. By finding the right mix, you could be on your way to creating a better customer-organization understanding.

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