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How to Learn from Your Investors

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Investors are an important part of any thriving startup ecosystem. They could be venture capitalists or angel investors or a serial entrepreneur. While they could each contribute various amounts financially, it is also important that you learn from the expertise they bring as a result of their years of experience in the business world. In this post we will focus on the various business aspects you can build on by listening to and communicating closely with your investors.

Be Accountable:

For any business to succeed- no matter the scale or size, it is extremely crucial that the business owner is accountable. Often if the leaders in a company are not accountable for their actions or decisions, the business more often than not will find itself in dire straits. An investor can teach you, the business owner to make well thought through decisions with an eye on rewards and how to take a calculated risk. Ensure you spend the time and effort getting to know your investors in order to get the best their years of business has to offer.

Clear and Open Communication:

An investor is someone who is on your business’s side. Apart from the relationship you might have, an investor has his own motivations to see your business succeed. This puts you in a unique position to communicate and learn from your investors.

This relationship can teach you how to carry this style of communication to the different roles and operations you perform as a business owner. You can start working on how to present an open and honest world view about your business through your interactions with your investors.

How to Stand Out and Make an Impact:

There are reasons why investors have chosen to partner with and these are the features of your business that sets it apart. Your investor can share invaluable advice on what he or she sees as the most unique value proposition your business hold and why that is what makes it stand out. An investor can also give you ideas on how to project this uniqueness as a primary selling point to your market.


Investors, even first time investors, bring to the table a set of distinctive skills. They have experience working with other startups or even working on their own businesses. Coupled with their ever-growing knowledge of your business, they are excellent resources to give you a guiding hand on how to scale your business. They also have the right contacts. If you have chosen your investors wisely to put you in touch with the right ecosystem to make this happen.

If you run a business that offers an exceptional niche product such as a toy of some kind, the right investor can put you in touch with manufacturers to reduce your production costs or a toy chain where your product can be placed and gain visibility.   As a business owner, it is vital that you don’t miss any learning opportunities that can impact the growth of your business. Ensure you make the best of your interactions with your investors, and find the most efficient way to implement any advice they share to grow your business.

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