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Rebranding Your Logo

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They say, the only thing constant in this world is change. You would have started your business with a certain target audience and a brand message, which, usually evolves with time. When it comes to rebranding your logo, you will often find that your brand logo is the first piece that does not fit into contemporary sensibilities and target audience requirements.

The brand logo is possibly the most important aspect of your company’s communication and connection with the consumers. This is one aspect of your brand that you must remember to keep updated with the times. Consider these two golden rules before redesigning your new logo!

The ‘WHY’ of Rebranding:

You must have an answer for this before you begin the rebranding exercise. Rebranding your logo may be required due to any of the following reasons:

  • A merger with another company
  • Introduction of a wider variety of products
  • A change in the vision of the company
  • A change in the target audience group
  • The need to drive a different message or a situational one

Do not undertake rebranding your logo just for the sake of it. A rebranding strategy without a logical reason will not lead to a practical implementation of the same and one may end up disrupting the reputation of the brand rather than enhancing it or pushing it out to a wider audience. E.g. GAP’s rebranding strategy in 2010 garnered a lot of flak on social media, ultimately forcing the brand to return to its original and popular logo.

The ‘HOW” of Rebranding:

Once you are aware of the reasons for rebranding your logo, get started on the strategy for executing it successfully. Here are the three integral elements to pay attention to while rebranding:

  • The logo must remain true to the brand’s vision
  • It must be powerful to drive a change in thoughts
  • It must be starkly meaningful to catch consumer attention

Your logo will get lost in an ocean of varied communication strategies and branding activities, unless you stick to these three factors. There are a few more aspects of redesigning the logo that you can keep in mind for a more successful effect on your consumers:

  • Isolate the exact communication that your consumers must receive through the logo
  • Implement design and content elements that will be relevant over a longer span of time, such as five or ten years
  • Make sure your logo rebranding activity spells evolution for your brand
  • Ensure it has higher brand recall, which means – again – incorporate simpler design elements which have a greater power to communicate
  • Ensure that the new logo is a seamless transformation from the old one. It must not look like it came out of the blue
  • Remember to include your stakeholders in the process and keep your employees aware as well. A lot of rebranding activities fail as the people who are a part of the brand fail to connect
  • Finally, rebranding activities must not stop only at your logo. Implement rebranded communication strategies as well to follow up with the rebranding exercise

Rebranding your logo can be tricky but a meticulous strategy will ensure success.

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