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Should You Hire Boomerang Employees?

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A common question in Human Resources departments in companies big and small is – should they rehire employees? These employees who apply to return to organizations they previously worked for are commonly referred to Boomerang employees.

What are Boomerang Employees?

Those who return, seeking employment to companies they were once a part of are considered to be Boomerang Employees. They could be: • Former Employees who left voluntarily • Former Employees with a key or new skills, contacts or expertise • Those that retired but have changed their minds • Applicants who previously were offered a position but decided on employment elsewhere • Part Time Consultants • Interns

What are the Benefits of Hiring Boomerang Employees? Like all hiring decisions, there are certain pros and cons when it comes to every individual.

Here we will examine why you should consider hiring a Boomerang Employee:

1. It has been estimated that your organization will save up to two thirds in the cost of hiring by employing a Boomerang employee

2. It adds to employee morale as employees begin to feel that their company has something special to offer since a former employee returned

3. They have a familiarity with your organization and are able to begin to be productive almost immediately

4. They bring a fresh perspective. As an employee who knows the ins and outs of your business and has worked elsewhere recently, they will be able to bring you expertise and skills that people in your organization may be lacking or haven’t had exposure to.

5. As you will know this employee, you will be aware of their work ethic, how they interact with other employees and teamwork skills. This will mean you are not making a blind hire and will be able to more clearly gauge the success of hiring this employee.

What are the Disadvantages?

1. Your current staff could resent the return of the employee especially the one currently fulfilling the employee’s former job role.

2. Your Company may have changed drastically making the above advantages of hiring a boomerang employee void.

3. It could set a bad precedent especially if the employee is hired at a higher position on a higher pay scale.

4. There could be resentment on either your or the employee’s side. It is important that before you rehire an employee, you take a good look at why they were fired or chose to leave in the first place.

This will help you figure out whether their transition back into your company will be successful or not. 5. The Boomerang employee will need to not only adjust to the business operations but also the new or changed social dynamics in the company.

You will have to judge whether they have the social skills and emotional intelligence to do so. When you are faced with this decision, consider both sides of the hire carefully and ensure the pros outweigh the cons if you do decide to go ahead with the hire.

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