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2016-12-16 00:00:00Starting a BusinessEnglishCSR Activity for the Holiday Season: Preparations for the coming year are in full swing in every business – from planning marketing... Festive Cheer with a CSR Activity for the Holiday Season

Spread Festive Cheer with a CSR Activity for the Holiday Season

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Preparations for the coming year are in full swing in every business – from planning marketing campaigns to projecting sales targets to hiring new faces. This is also the time for holidays and with festive cheer in the air, it is an ideal time to spread some happiness.  A year-end CSR activity can do a whole lot of good for your business – you can spread some joy both among your employees as well as the more underprivileged sections of the society.

So how to do you organize a CSR activity for the holiday season? After the smog-filled delirium faced by Delhi in November, we must all agree that the best way forward for any celebration right now is to go the eco-friendly way.

You can implement sustainable gifting and recycling activities as part of your activity this season. Environment-friendly activities are usually budget-friendly, and also, help your company evolve an image of being responsible towards society.

Let us see how to spread the festive cheer this holiday season with your CSR activity.

Visit a Philanthropic Organisation:

A philanthropic event is a great way to give back to society as well as build team relationships. Consider visiting an orphanage or an old-age home or a philanthropic diagnostic center to visit the residents along with your team.

You can arrange for simple gifts for the residents at these organizations, such as old usable clothes and household items, stationery and toys. Ensure that you plan an interactive session between the team and the residents, and make arrangements to have a meal together. Nothing like food and some festive celebrations to get people closer, right?

If you are planning a visit to an NGO for children or even stray animals, consider encouraging your employees to bring their children. This will increase the informal atmosphere of the whole event, but will also add a sense of community to your event.

Evolve an In-house Philanthropic Giveaway:

You can also consider doing this activity in-house. Assign a designated day for collecting all the donations, whether in cash or kind, but make sure that the items gifted are usable. These gifts can later be sent to a non-profit organization.

Additionally, you can encourage your team to create DIY handmade gifts, for the residents of the organization you want to collaborate with. Using recycled materials, you can also imbibe the essence of ecological responsibility. This will also help you evolve enhanced associations among your team and create a more comfortable working ambiance.

Arrange for a Collaboration with an NGO within Company Premises:

You can alternatively also invite a community from the lower economic strata or a non-profit organization to come and interact with your team. They can set up their merchandise stalls for purchase by the employees.

Nobody minds a bit of shopping and with the upcoming holiday season, you can expect products to sell pretty well and the organizations to make some revenue. This kind of event will require a bit of set up and adequate space to conduct the entire stretch of activities.

Give a Gift with a Twist:

Every employee expects festive gifts and bonuses from their companies. So, why not do just that and put a smile on their faces? Source your gifts from non-profit, government-initiated and underprivileged community-based organizations that deal in creating organic products such as clothing and accessories, home décor and utility products, gifting solutions, handicrafts and so on.

This will help the non-profit organizations add to their funds and let your employees de-stress with some of the pre-holiday gifts. It’s a surefire was to double the delight for everyone.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral aspect of your company’s operations. This festive season, look at giving back to the society in your own way but also remember to spread an equal amount of excitement among your employees. Plan your activities in advance to avoid last-minute logistical challenges such as running out of organizational funds or space constraints and you will be all set for an outstanding year-end activity.

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