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2012-09-25 00:00:00Starting a BusinessEnglishBest Thing About Starting Up; Armed with good degrees, creative ideas, efficient business models, definitive plan of action to attain... Best Thing About Starting Up!!!

The Best Thing About Starting Up!!!

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Armed with good degrees, creative ideas, efficient business models, definitive plan of action to attain break-even and start reaping returns, increasingly, young Turks in India are embarking on the road to ‘doing business their own way’. According to a Gallup World study, the Indian population has an abundant reserve of entrepreneurial talent. More than 60% of the Indian population possesses personality traits that are critical for success as an entrepreneur – like business thinking, optimism, and persistence.

And so we thought, how about asking a few young entrepreneurs in India, what was the best thing about ‘starting-up’? This we did – their passionate replies are sure to rekindle the flame of entrepreneurship in those who have given it up fearing uncertainties, risks, and failures, and give the existing ones the necessary fuel to step up the accelerator. Take a look –

Chase a Dream: “To nurture your dream and to see that your customers appreciate your product or service is the best reward for an entrepreneur, no matter how many obstacles and issues come along the way! The journey is like a rollercoaster ride which is just a bonus!”, said Amit Sharma, MD Vouchersmate, a portal for gift vouchers across a slew of lifestyle brands in India.

Learning: “The best thing about starting-up has been the experiences my team and clients offer on a regular basis. There is so much to learn when you create and execute.

The process of building a better product post critical feedback makes you feel powerful!”, Sushrut Munje, Founder Hammer & Mop, a fast-growing cleaning & upkeep services provider in Mumbai Freedom: “Corporates can give you comforts but a Start-up will give you Freedom; it’s upto you to decide.” Dinesh, Founder of Café Idly, a traditional South-Indian fast food café in Bangalore that offers classical rock music as accompaniment.

Balance Priorities: “The best part about being an entrepreneur is ‘Freedom’ from having people dictate what you do and how you do things? You get to set your goals and chase them the way you like. In my case, I also felt very special about my ability to ‘Balance’ personal priorities and personal aspirations. Lastly, the ‘Critics’ around me played a major role in making my entrepreneurial dream a success as each time someone told me that this is not ‘your cup of tea’, I worked twice as hard to prove them wrong and I am sure I did!” Prajakta Kapure, Founder Toys On Rent, offering toys-on-rent for children from birth up to 7 years of age in Bangalore

Hunger for Success:“The variety of learning/self-education that you gain on a daily basis is far better than what an institution can fetch you. You know that you are responsible for your own peril and hence the need for perfection gets in your blood. Your hunger for success increases with every small success, and you become your own competition. As very rightly said by Mario Andretti – If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough. The only point I would like to make to inspiring entrepreneurs is that there is a very thin line between ‘Ability’ and ‘Action’ that defines success.”

Deepak Sakhuja, Founder of Ripple Links, a demand generation and social media management company. Adds Payal Sakhuja, a new mother herself, “Starting-up a venture is like giving birth to your baby and seeing it grow. Every small growth, improvement and success emboldens us to do better”. In case you are a new entrant in the world of business too, tell us about what keeps you going in this uncertain terrain.

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